Beautiful and Charming Idol of Millions Girls - Barbie

Beautiful and Charming Idol of Millions Girls - Barbie

Barbie is a fashion doll manufactured by Mattel, Inc. and launched in March 1959. Barbie's inventor based the doll's hourglass figure on Bild Lilli, a German doll that in turn was based on a foul-mouthed, promiscuous newspaper cartoon character. American businesswoman Ruth Handler (1916-2002) is credited with the creation of the doll using a German doll called Bild Lilli as her inspiration.

To possess of a Barbie doll maybe is a dream of most of girls in their childhood, whose changing brand clothing and handsome boyfriend has lead the women's grandiose style for many years, some people scoff at that this and said Barbie is a tool aid for women to go to the bad, while someone love Barbie much, and they believed that Barbie doll has given all ordinary women some dreams…

Barbie always been known throughout the world with her perfect size, broad smiles and "rich experience". As of 42 years, in spite of her physical appearance, races, colors, hairstyles, languages and even apparels have gone through various changes, but her healthy and upward image has always been the same, first, last, and all the time.

Ruth Handler, original mother of Barbie had said in her autobiography: "The original ideal I created Barbie is, through the birth of such a toy, all the girls are able to aware of that their dream to become a person of any kind they crave for could come true. Barbie doll represents women have rights to choose that same as men ... ... Barbie doll is not only a doll, she is more than a toy, she has become an important part of female consumers’ daily life, I am pleased about it".

Full Name: Barbie • Millicent • Roberts
Birthday: March 9, 1959
Star Tray: Sun Pisces + Moon Pisces + Mercury Aries + Venus Aries + Mars Gemini Height: 28cm; Measurements: 38, 28. 34

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Time-Honored Chinese Paper Cutting Art (I)

Paper-cutting, also known as cut paper, paper-cut for window decoration, or picture cutting, the difference between which is some with scissors, some with knife, and some with chisels, although the tools are different, but the created art works are basically same, and people call it paper-cutting collectively.

Chinese paper-cutting is one of the most popular traditional decorative art styles in China, has a long history. For its material is easy to get and low-cost, the finished work of which can be seen immediately. and to be adapted widely, as well as varied styles & common and lively images, the Chinese paper-cutting is welcomed by most of people in China, more because it is a handwork job that most suitable for rural women to do in spare time, it not only could used as for practical objects, but also to beautify the living. Paper-cut can be seen all over the country, and even has formed different art styles in different areas.

Paper-cutting not only has represented masses’ aesthetic interest, but also indicated the nation's social deep psychology, it is one of the most Chinese featured folk art styles, in particular its design features is worth studying.

As a manifestation of the Chinese origin philosophy, the expression forms of Folk paper-cutting performed comprehensive, as well as conveys beauty and good fortune, at the same time, with its own special expression language, the folk paper-cutting conveyed the connotations and essence of traditional culture.

On May 20, 2006, the paper cutting art was admitted by the State Council to list in the first batch of National Intangible Cultural Heritage Directory. On June 8, 2007, Shanghai Li Shoubai Paper-Cut Masters Studio achieved the first cultural heritage gold prize awarded by the National Ministry of Culture.

Paper cutting can be divided into single color paper-cut and combined color paper-cut from color, and paper-cut that been cut by a single color paper called single color paper-cut, it just like the single-color wood carving in carving pictures, it is the most usual form, this type or paper-cut works seemed very simple and style in good taste, while the combined-color paper-cut are works cut from papers in different colors, this type of form are unusual, and this type of art works looked very vivid and lively.

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Easter Day Foods & Decorations

Color eggs and rabbits are all symbols and typical decorations for Easter, and Traditional Easter food mainly are lamb and ham.

Easter Rabbit (Bunny rabbit): According to legends in olde Europe, the hare is an animal whose eyes not closed all day long, they can watched around other animals in the night, therefore, hare on behalf of the clear and bright moon in the night. In addition, the Easter dates are calculated based on date of full moon in spring, so people take the hare with strong fertility as a symbol of Easter. And when this custom was introduced into the United States, Americans given a cute name to the rabbits, call it Easter Bunny Rabbit!

During Easter, various candy stores in the United States will take out Easter rabbits and color eggs made of chocolate to sale, the size of Easter egg are almost same as that of ordinary eggs, but among them the biggest one will as large as a sweet melon, and children all eat them with relish, and it is also a great Easter gift for your relatives and friends…

Easter Eggs: Since the twelfth century, people in many European countries began the practice that giving away Easter eggs to each other. Egg, a symbol of new life, and as hard as shell is, but it can not restrain the breeding of new life.

Jesus Christ was crucified on the cross for bearing our sins, and been buried in a grave, but the grave can not bar him up, he resurrected just three days later, and make people who believed him to get a new life. Since that, eggs become a most usual symbol for Easter, for eggs means the coming of spring and new borns, and represents Jesus Christ resurrected from death and come out from the stone tomb.

Easter Flower Lily: Lily stands for holiness and purity, people are enjoyed with lilies which will in full bloom in Spring and just around Easter, and prefer to take it to represent Jesus Christ’s sanctity. And as shaped in a trumpet, lily is also seemed as if it just to address the good news of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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Easter Customs I Know

Once the Christmas Day past, and Easter chocolate eggs were appeared in the candy stores soon, among them those small and simple eggs are cheap, children can afford to buy with their own pocket money.

During this time, there are two types of color eggs in the market, the small one called fondant bar, whose length are generally a little more than an inch long, and the eggs' outside are coved with a thin layer of chocolate, and inside are soft and sweet doughs, and packed into various of forms with color silver foils.

Another type of Easter eggs are empty eggs, whose size is slightly larger, and generally a little larger than a duck egg, and nothing inside, and the egg just wrapped with a chocolate shell, you should only smash the shell and eating chocolate chips.

As Easter is approaching more, those candy shops will take out more beautiful eggs and displayed them fully in their store windows, as well as various of small gifts for sale to attract children, such as soft plush chickens made of wool, and the chicken’s nibs and feet are sticked to cards, and lucky children maybe get several such kind of Easter Gifts from their relatives and friends…

The Easter Egg is a symbol that could bring happy to people --- That is true! These eggs are beautifully, cute and decorative much, they represents for people's good aspirations, and like to share the joys of the season change with you.

In the past, a grand Easter religious parade will be held generally in most Western countries, and the marchers will wearing robes, carrying a cross, and walking forward barefoot. They dressed up as historical figures of Christianity, singing carols to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.

Today, the holiday parade has lost the original religion features, and is filled with festive joyful moods, as well as featured with strong civil characteristics and local colors.

In United States, in the parade procession you can see stilted clowns who wearing jeans, and lovely and cute cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse (Mickey).

In the UK, the parade mainly aimed to introduce the local history (history) and customs, the marchers will dressed up as a Scottish bagpipe band, as well as guardians of the Imperial Palace, and attracted a large number of tourists.

The arrival of Easter will also make people get off their old clothing and put on new clothes. In the past before the holiday Christians will go to the church to go for a baptism, and then put on their new gowns to celebrate the new life of Christ.

The custom of wearing new clothing has been continued to nowadays, because people believed that if they did not wear a new dress they will meet bad fortunes…

During the Easter, people are like to clean their houses thoroughly, and via this to denote the beginning of a new life…

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