Time-Honored Chinese Paper Cutting Art (I)

Paper-cutting, also known as cut paper, paper-cut for window decoration, or picture cutting, the difference between which is some with scissors, some with knife, and some with chisels, although the tools are different, but the created art works are basically same, and people call it paper-cutting collectively.

Chinese paper-cutting is one of the most popular traditional decorative art styles in China, has a long history. For its material is easy to get and low-cost, the finished work of which can be seen immediately. and to be adapted widely, as well as varied styles & common and lively images, the Chinese paper-cutting is welcomed by most of people in China, more because it is a handwork job that most suitable for rural women to do in spare time, it not only could used as for practical objects, but also to beautify the living. Paper-cut can be seen all over the country, and even has formed different art styles in different areas.

Paper-cutting not only has represented masses’ aesthetic interest, but also indicated the nation's social deep psychology, it is one of the most Chinese featured folk art styles, in particular its design features is worth studying.

As a manifestation of the Chinese origin philosophy, the expression forms of Folk paper-cutting performed comprehensive, as well as conveys beauty and good fortune, at the same time, with its own special expression language, the folk paper-cutting conveyed the connotations and essence of traditional culture.

On May 20, 2006, the paper cutting art was admitted by the State Council to list in the first batch of National Intangible Cultural Heritage Directory. On June 8, 2007, Shanghai Li Shoubai Paper-Cut Masters Studio achieved the first cultural heritage gold prize awarded by the National Ministry of Culture.

Paper cutting can be divided into single color paper-cut and combined color paper-cut from color, and paper-cut that been cut by a single color paper called single color paper-cut, it just like the single-color wood carving in carving pictures, it is the most usual form, this type or paper-cut works seemed very simple and style in good taste, while the combined-color paper-cut are works cut from papers in different colors, this type of form are unusual, and this type of art works looked very vivid and lively.

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