Easter Customs I Know

Once the Christmas Day past, and Easter chocolate eggs were appeared in the candy stores soon, among them those small and simple eggs are cheap, children can afford to buy with their own pocket money.

During this time, there are two types of color eggs in the market, the small one called fondant bar, whose length are generally a little more than an inch long, and the eggs' outside are coved with a thin layer of chocolate, and inside are soft and sweet doughs, and packed into various of forms with color silver foils.

Another type of Easter eggs are empty eggs, whose size is slightly larger, and generally a little larger than a duck egg, and nothing inside, and the egg just wrapped with a chocolate shell, you should only smash the shell and eating chocolate chips.

As Easter is approaching more, those candy shops will take out more beautiful eggs and displayed them fully in their store windows, as well as various of small gifts for sale to attract children, such as soft plush chickens made of wool, and the chicken’s nibs and feet are sticked to cards, and lucky children maybe get several such kind of Easter Gifts from their relatives and friends…

The Easter Egg is a symbol that could bring happy to people --- That is true! These eggs are beautifully, cute and decorative much, they represents for people's good aspirations, and like to share the joys of the season change with you.

In the past, a grand Easter religious parade will be held generally in most Western countries, and the marchers will wearing robes, carrying a cross, and walking forward barefoot. They dressed up as historical figures of Christianity, singing carols to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.

Today, the holiday parade has lost the original religion features, and is filled with festive joyful moods, as well as featured with strong civil characteristics and local colors.

In United States, in the parade procession you can see stilted clowns who wearing jeans, and lovely and cute cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse (Mickey).

In the UK, the parade mainly aimed to introduce the local history (history) and customs, the marchers will dressed up as a Scottish bagpipe band, as well as guardians of the Imperial Palace, and attracted a large number of tourists.

The arrival of Easter will also make people get off their old clothing and put on new clothes. In the past before the holiday Christians will go to the church to go for a baptism, and then put on their new gowns to celebrate the new life of Christ.

The custom of wearing new clothing has been continued to nowadays, because people believed that if they did not wear a new dress they will meet bad fortunes…

During the Easter, people are like to clean their houses thoroughly, and via this to denote the beginning of a new life…

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