Easter Day Foods & Decorations

Color eggs and rabbits are all symbols and typical decorations for Easter, and Traditional Easter food mainly are lamb and ham.

Easter Rabbit (Bunny rabbit): According to legends in olde Europe, the hare is an animal whose eyes not closed all day long, they can watched around other animals in the night, therefore, hare on behalf of the clear and bright moon in the night. In addition, the Easter dates are calculated based on date of full moon in spring, so people take the hare with strong fertility as a symbol of Easter. And when this custom was introduced into the United States, Americans given a cute name to the rabbits, call it Easter Bunny Rabbit!

During Easter, various candy stores in the United States will take out Easter rabbits and color eggs made of chocolate to sale, the size of Easter egg are almost same as that of ordinary eggs, but among them the biggest one will as large as a sweet melon, and children all eat them with relish, and it is also a great Easter gift for your relatives and friends…

Easter Eggs: Since the twelfth century, people in many European countries began the practice that giving away Easter eggs to each other. Egg, a symbol of new life, and as hard as shell is, but it can not restrain the breeding of new life.

Jesus Christ was crucified on the cross for bearing our sins, and been buried in a grave, but the grave can not bar him up, he resurrected just three days later, and make people who believed him to get a new life. Since that, eggs become a most usual symbol for Easter, for eggs means the coming of spring and new borns, and represents Jesus Christ resurrected from death and come out from the stone tomb.

Easter Flower Lily: Lily stands for holiness and purity, people are enjoyed with lilies which will in full bloom in Spring and just around Easter, and prefer to take it to represent Jesus Christ’s sanctity. And as shaped in a trumpet, lily is also seemed as if it just to address the good news of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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