Various Gift Ideas for the April Fools Day

April Fools Day is a fun holiday for people of all ages. April Fools Day is a special holiday where one can get away with playing pranks and giving gag gifts to their friends and family. Here are some gift ideas intresting and funny that suited for everyone on your list...

If you are thinking about an April Fools day gift you will probbaly want to make sure that the person you have in mind is someone you know well. You do not want to be misunderstood with your April Fools Day gift giving efforts...just make sure you will not disturb the family or disrupt the office too much.

Gift Ideas for Mom and Dad on April Fools Day

A gift on April Fools Day for mom and dad might be some snore preventers for the loud snorer in your family. Maybe some dish soap is the sink always seems to be filled with dirty dishes. A new iron is a great gift on April Fools Day of the clothes are always wrinkled. Another gift idea for Mom and Dad on April Fools Day would be gift certificates to a restaurant that only the gift giver likes. Think fun and silly and sarcastic in your gift giving on April Fools Day.

Gift Ideas for Brothers and Sisters on April Fools Day

Good gifts for brothers and sisters to give are some gum or candies. If you want to be in the spirit of the day the candies and gum can have odd flavors and tastes which are only revealed after they have been eaten.

Gift Ideas for Women on April Fools Day

For your wife, girlfriend, your women friend or your grandmother, you may choose a funny T-shirts with sayings on them like, "Who are these kids and why are they calling me mom?", "Because I'm the Mom, That's Why", and "Mom Rules, Dad Obeys." Show the woman in your life how much they are appreciated on April Fools Day with these humorous t-shirts.

Another gift ideas for women on April Fools Day it to get your a personalized coffee mug as a gag gift for April Fools Day. This coffee mug is for both husbands and wives and for men it says, "According to my wife (insert wife's name) I am very happy" but there are also personalized coffee mugs for women and these include the "Mr. and Mrs. Coffee Mug Gift set", The "Yes Dear" coffee mug, and "It's Good to Be King/Queen" coffee mugs. I believe the "It's Good to be Queen" coffee mug will be a big hit with your wife or significant other on April Fools Day.

Gift Ideas for Men on April Fools Day

Giving a special April Fools Day gift to your boyfriend or husband mayber is a perfect chance to let your relationship shine. For the boyfreind or husband you could prepare some dish from non-edible matter. Give it a shape of cake or cookies and decorate it to look like real. Present it to the him and watch for his reaction when he tastes it, but remember that fake dish should not be made of harmful material.

Another gift ideas for men on April Fools Day for boyfreinds or husbands is giving them a pair of smelly socks with holes in them to replace the new ones, I guess your boy or husband also would get a laugh from an April Fools Day gift of deodorant to cover their body odors.

Gift Ideas for Children on April Fools Day

For kids your may use artificial toys and playing pranks with artificial toys like snakes, lizards are very common and they really create fear if you get to see them all of sudden. You can also put things like rubber ducks and snakes at places like refrigerator, shoe box, study table and see the fear it generates in a person.

Gift Ideas for Coworkers on April Fools Day

If you want to send out a April Fools Day gift to your coworks at the office, you should pay more attetion to be handled carefully so that your gift will not cause a big scene. The whoopi cushion may or may not be taking it too far. A gift like a fortune telling magic eight ball or a little device that sits on the desk and says something silly like "You are beautiful want to go on a date." every time you push the button. For the boss you might just play it safe and get some chocolates with sayings like "Whose the fool?" printed on them. These are available form most local candy stops.

April Fools Day gifts are a great way to show the people in your life how much you love them and appreciate their sense of humor. April Fools Day maybe the day when everyone tries to play a joke on each other to get the best laugh, but April Fools Day gifts are also very fashionable on this day of merriment.

April Fools Day is the one day a year when you get free license to give a gift which would be funny or lighthearted. Although a serious gift could be fine it is not really in spirit with the day. Think of something that is designed ot be a spoof or a gag gift more than anything else. There are a lots of online stores to buy a wonderful April Fools Day, and I wishyou have fun thinking about and choosing gifts for this April Fools Day and remember to always be in good taste and do not get anyone hurt.

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