Great Christmas Gift Ideas for Pet Lovers

It can be difficult to find a good and trustworthy dog walker, cat walker or dog sitter. But when a pet owner does find that perfect pet sitter or dog walker, many seek to give a nice holiday gift to their pet helper, though coming up with a good gift idea for a dog walker or pet sitter can be difficult.

Now check out following Christmas gift ideas for pet lovers include gift suggestions for every holiday shopper's budget:

Gift Card to a Local Pet Store

Most pet walkers and dog sitters have a dog, cat or other pet of their own. Find out if the dog walker or dog sitter has a pet at home. If so, one great gift idea that the pet sitter or dog walker is sure to love is a gift card to a local pet store.

A pet store gift card will appeal to virtually all dog sitters, cat sitters or dog walkers, since the gift card can be used to purchase something more practical like food or supplies, or the gift card can be used to purchase a fun pet novelty item, like dog clothing or a cute new pet bed.

A Gift Certificate to a Local Athletic Shoe Store

Dog walkers spend a lot of time on their feet and a great pair of shoes can make all the difference. A gift certificate to a local athletic shoe store will allow the dog sitter to pick out a great new pair of walking shoes that will make those daily dog walks more comfortable and more enjoyable.

A Gift Spa Certificate or A Gift Massage Certificate
Pet walking and pet sitting can be physically demanding, stressful and mentally exhausting at times. So give the cat sitter, dog walker, dog sitter or other pet sitter the gift of relaxation and pampering with a gift certificate to a local spa or masseuse for a massage. Women may enjoy a relaxing facial, while both men and women can enjoy a leg and foot massage or a back massage.

For pet owners who like this gift idea, but who are looking to spend a bit less on a gift for the dog sitter or pet walker, consider a gift from The Body Shop or Bath and Body Works. Most female dog walkers and pet sitters will enjoy a bath and body-themed gift set of bubble bath, bath oils, scented lotion and a candle - all the items that are needed for a relaxing bath after a long day of dog walking or pet sitting.

Handmade Pet Clothing

For pet owners who don't have a lot of money to spend on a gift for a dog walker or pet sitter, consider a handmade (or store-bought, for the less crafty folks) scarf, gloves, hat or sweater, to keep the dog walker warm during those winter dog walks.

There's even crafters who can turn dog or cat hair into yarn, that's then dyed and knitted into a scarf, sweater, etc. So those more eccentric dog owners can save the fur from those daily brushings and one day, there will be enough fur to create a knitted item like a hat, scarf or sweater. It's a unique gift idea that's literally "from the dog!"

Homemade Pet Treats or Baked Pet Foods

Another great inexpensive gift idea for a dog walker or pet sitter is Homemade Pet Treats or Baked Goods, why not? To bake some homemade dog treats or homemade cat treats for the dog sitter or pet walker's own dogs or cats. Homemade pet treats are a thoughtful gift idea that's inexpensive yet charming.

Most pet sitters and dog walkers have a pet or two (or ten) at home, but a few dog walkers and pet sitters work with animals because they don't have pets at home and their work provides them with an opportunity to enjoy the companionship of dogs, cats and other pets. For a dog walker, dog sitter or cat sitter who does not have a cat or dog at home, give the gift of some homemade holiday cookies that can be placed in a colorful tin. This homemade gift is simple and inexpensive, yet thoughtful.

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