Unique Mongolia Leather Painting IV --- How to Choose a Fine Quality Leather Painting?

There's never an arts and crafts like leather painting could bring the visitor such a remarkable view impact! And there’s no any other art form like leather painting could bring you elegance and dignity so easy, which could also be treasured up by you for ever. People will stunned with its beauty when people throw their first eye on it and could not help to exclaiming out ”What beautiful the leather painting is!". However, there’s something important you should know about, that is, how to choose a leather painting of fine quality?

A leather painting of high quality has following characteristics:
1st. Picture

The picture on the leather face is good and whole, and there’s no scratch marks on the painting, namely no scars on the painting face.

2nd. Embossment / Relievo

The relievo effect on the leather painting is beyond to as higher as it could reach, you should to check the relievo layers of the painting, and more embossment layers the painting has, the better level the leather painting belongs.

3rd. Tactile Impression

Put your hands on the face of leather painting, and thers is no sharp tactilities on a fine quality leather painting, although it feels unevern but it feel very smooth and no sharp touches.

4th. Colors

If the area of the water color painting is larger than that of the paste painting on the leather picture, that is a rather fine quality leather picture.

If the painting on the leather picture was drawn out by water color all, the leather picture will looked very dull and its brightness will inferior to a paste painting.

Presently most of the people in the world still knew little about leather painting, but as more and more people went to Inner Mongolia, China, and will knew more about leather painting, as well as become love it. The author hope those manufacturers of leather painting could pay more attention to the quality of leather painting and try best to improve it gradually, and do not to export shoddy leather paintings to the market, which could do nothing but be bound to ruin the prosperous prospects of leather painting.

Today, we are gratified much to see Mongolia leather paintings were recognized and loved by more and more people in China also in other countries of the world day by day, and no matter you choose leather painting as one of souvenirs for your tour or keep it as a gift for your relatives and friends, we all apprecitate it greatly!

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