Unique Mongolia Leather Painting III - Maintaining

Leather painting could not be cleaned by water, if there’s no blank space on the picture (that is, there’s no original color of the leather on the painting), you could use a piece of wet cloth to wiping it. If you want to make the surface of leather painting owned more gloss, you should use a dry cotton cloth wipe the picture back and forth, in this way the picture sheens could been improved.

Practical Tips:

A. Same as household cleaning, it’s ok to use a wet towel wiping the leather painting softly or sweeps dusts on it with a feather whisk on a regular basis.

B. If the painting surface was stained with blemishes inadvertently, you could use special leather detergent or household toothpaste to clean it.

C. Attention: Below actions should be forbidden strictly: Scratching or drawing the painting by edge tools; cleaning with gasoline; wiping under a high-temperature; soaking in corrosive solvents and/or water.

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