How to Choose a Gift for College Students

Are you agonizing with how to choose a suitable gift for a college student in your life? I'd like to give you some great ideas about gifts that a college student who maybe needs.Actually, it's not very hard to buy a gift for a college student. Most of them don't have much extra cash to speak of, so gifts of all kinds will be appreciated! If there's a college student in your life who needs a gift for a birthday, graduation, the holidays, or whenever, I've got some suggestions to help you pick one out.Idea 1: Magazine subscriptions. College students have to read all the time, so if they're going to read in their spare time, it's probably going to be something light. A mindless celebrity or fashion magazine is perfect. Or for the news junkie or literary minded student, pick a more serious magazine.Idea 2: Electronics. If you really want to make an impression, skip the accessories and go for the electronics: a laptop, a game system, a TiVo, a flat screen monitor, a printer, a digital camera, an amazing new cell phone.Idea 3: Electronic accessories. For the Generation Y college student, it's highly likely an electronic gift will be appreciated. First of all, find out what electronics and accessories the college student already owns. There are all kinds of possibilities for fun accessories: game cartridges, wireless iPod headphones, iKaraoke, an iPod or cell phone case, iPod speakers, and so on. Idea 4: Complete seasons of favorite TV shows on DVD. Students don't have much free time to watch TV and may appreciate the opportunity to catch up. These collections are a little pricey for most student budgets, so they make great gifts. Movie collections on DVD make great gifts as well.Idea 5: The personalized snack basket. Load up a basket filled with the college student's favorite treats, including some homemade ones. This is a great idea for finals week or anytime a student needs some special TLC. You can buy gift baskets of snacks, but they're ridiculously expensive and not nearly as personal as putting together your own.Idea 6: Low-tech entertainment. Board games. A football. A Frisbee. A miniature basketball net for a dorm room. These things don't go out of style.Idea 7: Sports tickets. A fun and stress-relieving indulgence for a sports fan. Theater tickets or symphony tickets are great too if your student is into that, and also plain old movie tickets.Idea 8: Something that tells time. Students are on such a tight schedule, yet so many of them don't seem to own a watch or a wall clock. Sure, they can get the time from their cell phone or the right hand corner of their monitor, but the old fashioned wrist watch is quick and simple. Speaking of time, a loud alarm clock can be a useful gift.Idea 9: Store gift certificates. Give the gift of shopping, which a college student doesn't have the funds to partake in regularly. Restaurant gift certificates can be a nice break from Ramen noodles or the dorm cafeteria. Other gift certificate ideas: book stores, iPod tunes, electronics, casual clothing, sporting goods, or whatever the student likes.Idea 10: A gift certificate for a professional massage. No one needs a massage more than a stressed out student during finals.

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