Gift New Trends: Willow Basket


Willow is very fast growing tree. That makes the wood weak, but the strong bark keeps an integrity to it. Harvest the red shoots, they are usually the best ones. The shoots that are still red has a large pith, but the bark is strong, so that they can be folded without breaking.

The willow plant is said to have mystical and healing powers in addition to religious significance. Harvest in winter, when the sap is down, the shoots seems to be less brittle then and their water content is lower. But still, dry them before you use them, to avoid the baskets becoming loose. It is better to reconstitute them afterwards, before using them. That wasn't neccesary with these shoots though, as they were so strong. When harvesting, there is no need for tools, the easiest method is just to rip them off the trunk with your hands.

Willow has been used as a basketry material for a very long time and in many cultures. Many varieties of willow grow in a large number of countries around the world. Basketry traditions have developed in each of these countries. Willow baskets can be woven in wickerwork designs with rods or skeins (split rods) in the European tradition. Willow may also be used as the core element in coiled baskets in the tradition of the South Western Indians. Functional containers, decorative objects, sculpture, environmental installations, furniture, garden structures, living fences and arbors all continue to be created of willow today.


The colors of the material differs with the variety of the willow and the way it was processed.

* White willow has been peeled when fresh.

* Brown willow is dried with the bark left on, later soaked and used with the bark left on.

* Buff willow is a soft brown color derived by drying with the bark left on, boiled and the bark removed.

* Several varieties have colorful barks as shown on Bluestem Nursery's site.

Willow must be soaked before use. The length of time necessary for proper soaking varies depending on the variety and length of the rods. After soaking the rods should be covered and mellowed overnight before using.

Willow rods make an excellent basketry material. Willow is woven by basketmakers around the world into beautiful, functional and artistic forms, for all of us to use and admire.

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