How a College Student to Choose a Holiday Gift?

If you are still a student, and one of your friends, roommates, parents or professors who need a holiday gift, here are some gift ideas for you to get started.

Need some holiday gift ideas for your roommates, friends, parents, and professors? Here's a handy gift giving guide for college students.

Hey, college students, need a good way to procrastinate? Go holiday shopping! Seriously, you're going to have to do it eventually, so there are worse reasons to put off your work, right? Of course, the thing about shopping is this: you need money, and college students don't usually have an excessive amount of that. You also need some time, and all joking aside, you're probably pretty busy with papers and final exams and don't exactly have days to spend at the mall.

Need some help finding Christmas and Hanukkah presents that are inexpensive but meaningful? Here's a handy gift giving guide for college students to help you accomplish some speedy shopping.

Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Roommate
Is it necessary to buy your roommate a gift, even if you're not friends? No, it's not an obligation, but a small but thoughtful present can go a long way towards keeping relations smooth between you and your roommate. And since you actually live with this person, you probably have at least some insight into what kinds of clothing, books, music, and other things your roommate likes or needs. Here are some tips to help you find great holiday gifts for roommates.

Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Friends
Looking for some gifts for your fellow college students and other friends in your life? Your friends know you don't have a fortune to spend, so look for gifts that have a good deal of sentimental value, like photo calendars and other photo gifts. Or personalize an inexpensive but useful item of clothing, like a pair of flip flops. Here are some ideas to help you find cheap holiday gifts for college students.

Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Professors
Is it appropriate to give a gift to a professor? That depends. Some schools have rules against faculty members accepting presents from students for any reason. Even if your school does not have such a rule, it's important to not give your professor a gift until after final grades have been finalized. That said, professors don't get nearly as much appreciation as they deserve, so if a teacher made a difference in your life, a small gift (or card) is probably a good idea. Here are some ideas for holiday gifts for college professors.

Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Parents
When shopping for your parents, look for sentimental things that remind them that although you're in college now, they're always be an important part of your life. Any kind of gift that showcases family photos will most likely be appreciated. Or buy your parents a restaurant gift certificate and theater tickets so they can have a night out on the town. Here are some more suggestions for finding the perfect holiday gifts for your Mom and Dad.