Come on Liuxiang! Our Olypimc Hero Forever!

Liuxiang:Love to compete; Love to bet all my dignity; Love to rewin it; Love to pay all of mine; Love the glory; Love frustrations; Love sports, even if he hurt your heart.

Liuxiang, You are the No.1!

When I had lunch yesterday,I heard that the man’s 110-meter hurdling was started, I hurried to the office to see the direct seeding. While I saw the sence that Liuxiang retreated from the compete,I was so upset then. And I can not watch the game any more,but I was afraid of his wound. I never think of the complot,and I can’t believe it is a complot. After the compete, Liuxiang showed that he himself is very upset too,I won't retreat unless I have to.

Later,some one attacked the retreating of him,and my boss is disappointed too,for he bought the stock of Liuxiang,he just complain,and said nothing about Liuxiang, I hear about that some bosses loss almost 100,000 on the stock. I think it needful for some one who had lost a lot of money on stock to complain,just like my boss.while if he calumniate our star--- Liuxiang, and I think they should not do that. I am so upset to hear the bad words on Liuxiang.

For an athlete,it is common that he(she) did not get the gold medal. And there is winning and loss in the field. We only feel regret for the Liuxiang retreating from the compete,we should not give hime more pressure. He prepared for this Olympics for years,and paid much sweat and blood. As the saying goes:one minute on the stage and ten years of practice off the stage. This accident, the most hurted person is Liuxiang . the Olympics held once every four years,what’s more,it is held by China.and it is rare,who wants to retreat?to say the least,if Liuxiang did not get the first prize and break the world’s record, did some people treat him like that?

Someone said that: he must insist,even climb to the end. How to climb?? What high the hurdle,and just with the lame legs,if he ought to get into the bottom of the hurdle?? Is “getting though the god’s hole” the Olympic Spirit?? It is the prejudice of some persons, they think he must have moral integrity,and get to the end,even he losses. But even if he get the first eight,then what happens? Maybe his wound be more secorious,and be a cripple forever,do u want to see the cripple Liuxiang? Ur choice is right,u just retreat now,but u will get soon,and prepare for the next Olympics,come on, Liuxiang,u r the no.1,and I will support u forever.…We can not gainsay the courage and the unremitting spirit of him. But maybe he don’t need healthy legs,he just did not let his motherland be galling. I am sure u don’t want to see a Liuxiang like him.

Liuxiang, "It's about picking yourself up when you're down and coming back stronger", wish you get well soon, and go back to ur field.

Come on Liuxiang!

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