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Aerwaa Alto's Glass Vase

1936, Aerwaa Alto designed a vase as one of the decorations for the Helsinki cabbage restaurant (Ravintola Savoy), for which he just responsible for interior decoration. This striking vase received its name after a new luxury restaurant in Helsinki, called Savoy and opened in 1937, for which Alvar Aalto together with his wife Aino designed custom furnishings and fixtures. 

The restaurant was situated at the top floor of the new Industrial Palace building, and was complete with a liveried Negro porter, and a dining terrace overlooking a park. The vases were placed on every table and their baylike forms allowed flowers to be arranged in unusual, more individual ways. 

With their protean identities - showing different faces at different angles - the vases belonged to the most remarkable features of the restaurant. The other element directly related to these forms was a kidney-shaped table on an undulating base, located in the middle of the restaurant and serving as its focal point and centerpiece.

The vase is a classic glass products which was named with Aerwaa Alto , It not only in 1937 Paris International Expo demonstrates the Finnish modern design standards, but also become the world's large collection of the Museum of goods, in 1988 the vase received the International Award table supplies. The design idea come from it's free and organic contours of the wave, completely broke the traditional symmetrical glass design standards. 

People guess that it's wave outline is a symbol of Finland, the length and breadth of the lake. Aside from it's great construction design, the genius also leave a classic masterpiece for the glassware manufacturing.

From the age of speaking Alto vase is "antique", but the design perspective, he is still very advanced, very modern.

Britt Bonnesen's "Swing" Glass Vase

It's Danish designer Britt Bonnesen job, hand-blown by mouth produced, each item is a unique glass art, beyond the era of the classic. In addition to the design concept of the designer, the "swing style” glass handblowner influenced it absolutedly, this series of mouth blown glassware combined simplicity and respect of traditional arts and crafts but strongly featured with an innovative creative thinking, so people all enthusing about these graceful vases with created individuality also full of flavor.

Utzon Vase - Smoke Green Glass Vase

After the successful launching of her sandblasting vases in Rosendahl, Lin Utzon once again launched her new work: Han Yancui series. 2001, when Lin Utzon traved in the Arctic by boat, she found the contacting area of the Dayton’s iceberg with the sea actually in a indention shape, this nature’s masterpiece astonished her much, which hurried her back to her studio in Spanish, and launched a white series of sandblasting vases - Utzon Vase. At the time, that caused a considerable number of topics and disputes in Copenhagen street, Lin's name also become highly attentioned around the world.

Lin loves Chinese culture, she’s design of vase seems to be impacted by the Chinese tripod, and she later launched a series of small transparent vases, which warmly welcomed by the office man and restaurants, and caught a lot of orders.

All these success are not able to satisfy her, this time she used a double-tier technology, which allows black vases appears white color, she named it as “smoke”, creating the impression of “emerald green smoke”, which showing a kind of dignity temperament as prudent and calm, decorated with the exquisite packing of handled gift boxes, these vases will become hot in the marker soon.

Tall Art Glass Vase - Gold Skyscraper

Gravity leaves a golden yellow mark inside a crystalline vacuum, resulting in a glass sculpture of mesmerizing elegance. Alonso, Michael and Orfeo design this art glass vase to create the illusion of light suspended in time. The talented team incorporates traditional Mexican hand blown techniques that give Orfeo a free reign to his imagination.

Heikki Orvola’s Etremene Design Glass Art

Extremeness, not everyone can accept, because the undulation of ups and downs from time to time make people can not suitable well and beyond to appreciate, but extremeness can also show a beauty of a coordination, do not believe that ? At least Heikki Orvola has done it! The series of “cold well and hot flame” candle holder designed by Heikki Orvola, applied the concept of two pole of female and male, designed the Candlestick as a deep well while the candlewick as a hot flame, which mixed these two totally different concepts together, showing us an absolutely new feeling with a little excitent, quite suitable for creative staff to display their strong, unique and ego insights, it can also become a source of inspiration.

Heikki Orvola use Iittala’s exclusive lead-free crystal glass (I-Crystal) of high-quality, it’s transparent and crystal, hard and anti-broken. We usually suggest you use it to put small flameless candles, but as this candle holder is designed in a shape of a smack cup, so you can use it as a decoration holder or a coin holder, even you can use is to replace your drinking glass or wine glass, I think that nobody will doubt about your vision or motivation.

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