The Art of Flower Vase

The Art of Flower Vase

As spring come and flowers blossom, the green world return, just choose a elegant flower vase with a bundle of beautiful flower to decorate your house, and bring your home a spring nature and fresh air.

Even if it does not decorated with flower arranging, in itself is a work of art, which display it’s delicate elegance and charm.

The vase's design fully reflects it’s use as a vase, because it’s just in an inverted shape of a flower. Not only maintain the balance with it’s flower shape design but also reflected the theme greatly.

"Green" is a timeless topic, but also a regular topic of conversation that should be promoted.

We want to display you a color feast.

Very strange and fancy design flower vases, there are three heights for you to choose.

Japan’s Teori design bamboo art vase, simple but keep grand.

The gadget with four “horns” come from its head is acutually a flower vase, you can arrange flowers in its different holes, so that make the flowers blossom in four directions, is that very interesting?

Last, maybe now you have a bold idea that to paint a clear flower vase for your home decoration. Why not? A painted flower vase can be a beautiful addition to your home. It also makes a great gift, and I'd like to give you some instructions below:

Painting on glass can be tricky, though. Paint can very easily come off of the glass if the vase is not prepared and finished properly. Here is how to do it with the best results.

Things You’ll Need:
Craft paint made for painting on glass
Paint brushes
Rubbing alcohol
A clean cloth
Clear shellac

Prepare Your Vase

Step 1: Clean the vase and remove all of the oils from it by rubbing it with rubbing alcohol. Oils will make the paint peel off.
Step 2:Allow the vase to dry.
Step 3: Prepare your paint by following the directions on the bottle. Usually, you don't want to add water to to the paint because it will make the paint less adherent to the glass.
Step 4: Paint your design onto the glass. Simple designs are best.
Step 5: Add one or two coats of clear shellac after the paints dries.
Step 6: Allow the shellac to dry and you're done!

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