May 31: World No Tobacco Day

Today, May 31, is the 23rd "World No Tobacco Day". At least today, you and I should work together to allow the good wish "World No Tobacco" come to reality to an utmost degree.

The ‘World No Tobacco Day’ every year has a specific theme. For example in 2009 it was "Refuse Second-Hand Smoke, Let your Lung Breathe freely", and this year the theme is "Gender and Tobacco: Concern Promotion Behaviors to Women"

Obviously, this year the theme of ‘World No Tobacco Day’ is against to tobacconists directly. As the market aimed to male smokers has no more space to dig – the number of male smokers in many countries and regions is continued to decrease –so tobacco companies around the world switch their expect for a huge profits to women.

In low and middle income countries, including developing countries like China, the tobacco industry begin to infiltrate through female market via various channels, they work hard to play up the benefits of smoking to women. Dr. Betcher, Director of WHO Tobacco Free Initiative, said at the news conference held at United Nations Office at Geneva on 28, May, said: "Tobacco companies are investing heavily in marketing to attract women, especially in middle income countries. They induce women believe that smoking is a symbol of beauty and liberation. Under the influence of this market strategy more and more young girls start smoking. "

Currently, 40% of men around the world smoke, while women smokers only accounted for 9% of the entire female population. Therefore, to promote more and more women to become smokers, become a big business in the eyes of tobacco companies. However, there is an unethical matter lies in this practice: compared to men, women are more susceptible to harms of tobaccos.

Among the 1 billion smokers on the earth, women smokers only account for 20%. However, among the 500 millions people who died from smoking every year, there are 150 millions are women, accounting for 30%. That is to say that among 800 million male smokers, there were 350 million lost their lives due to smoking every year, the ratio accounting for 0.44%; while the death rate of women smokers is as high as 0.75%, which is almost double the male.

Now the WHO is appealing to worldwide governments to prohibit all tobacco adverting, promotion and sponsorship activities, and take actions to protect women's lives and health from threat of tobacco. Aside from the resistance to tobacco advertising, promotion and activities, we should take actions from ourselves, exhort women close to ourselves away for smoking or persuade women smokers give up smoking as soon as possible.

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Introduction of 2010 China World Expo Pavilions IV - Hong Kong Pavilion

Hong Kong Pavilion at 2010 Shanghai World Expo Pavilions - The Infinite City

Theme: Hong Kong - The Infinite City

Location: Within Zone A of the Expo Site

Pavilion Features:

The three-story metallic structure explores the theme "Hong Kong - the Infinite City," which features Hong Kong's unique connectivity with the mainland and the world in terms of both hardware and software, as well as the city's links to nature, to the past and to the future. The exhibition focuses on the special administrative region's transport network, advanced scientific facilities, financial and trade systems, multinational culture and sustainable high-quality urban life. Highlights include environmental protection, tourism, culture, innovation and the "one country, two systems" principle.

Pavilion Highlights:

Highlight 1: Wetland Park

The third floor of the pavilion will have an indoor wetland park based on the Hong Kong Wetland Park.

Highlight 2: Cultural Extravaganza

Fashion shows, film debuts, visual art exhibitions, a raft of performances and parades - all these feature in Hong Kong plans for the World Expo. There will be 47 cultural performances from the special administrative region during the fair, featuring Cantonese opera, Chinese and western music, multi-media shows and dance. Two visual art exhibitions are also on the agenda. One show will feature the development and innovation of ink art, while the other will highlight the assimilation and transformation of western and Chinese aesthetics in shaping the uniqueness of Hong Kong art.

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Introduction of 2010 China World Expo Pavilions III - India Pavilion

India Pavilion at 2010 Shanghai World Expo - Cities of Harmony

Theme: Cities of Harmony

National Pavilion Day: August 18

Location: Within Zone A of the Expo Site

Pavilion Features:

The pavilion has a crimson central dome, symbolizing the theme "Unity in Diversity" in India. A focus throughout the exhibit will be on interaction between rural and urban areas through exchange of goods and services.

Revolving around a journey of Indian cities from ancient times through medieval periods to modern India, the pavilion showcases India's rich cultural heritage, its diversity of faith, culture and language, traditional and modern technological development and urban-rural interface.

Highlight 1: Tree of Life

The entrance to the pavilion is through a vaulted portal with the "Tree of Life" carving inspired by the "Siddi Syed Mosque" at Ahmedabad. The central dome is herb-roofed with the "Tree of Life" in copper. The innovative combination of plants and metals distinguishes the dome.

Highlight 2: Zero-chemical Area

The seemingly ancient India Pavilion is replete with marvelous modern technologies. The pavilion is designed as a Zero-chemical Area. Energy efficiency is made possible through the use of solar panels, wind mills, herbs and bamboo. The terracotta and stone floor is inspired by the palace at Rampur in Varanasi and is cooled by embedded pipes. Therefore, visitors will be touring around the pavilion in a cool and comfortable temperature even in the summer.

Highlight 3: Indian Market

The "Indian Market" will be open for curious visitors. In fact, the attic in this market belongs to one of the exhibition areas of the India Pavilion, from which one can get a bird's-eye view of the whole pavilion. The market is also a catering service area. Traditional delicacies from various regions of India can be relished here.

Highlight 4: 360-degree Holographic Projection

The 360-degree Holographic Projection depicts India's evolvement over its long history, from the ancient times of Mohan Jodaro and Harappa (dating back to 2000-3000 BC) through the medieval period to modern India. The displays around the dome will further elaborate on the theme "Cities of Harmony."

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Present Your Mother with a Bouquet of Flowers

The special flower presented to mothers is carnation in the popular world, carnation is a species of flower with slender green stems and colorful beautiful flowers, whose petals compact and difficult to wither, as well as spindly leaves that not easy to curl, carnation flowers are graceful and rich, with elegant and chic poses.

Red carnation symbolizes passion, justice, goodliness and never give up, dedicated to mother and wish her mother good health and longevity;

Pink carnation symbolizes beauty, youth and hot love, dedicated to mother and wish her forever young and beautiful;

White carnation stands for pure love of children to mother, dedicated to mother to express real love and sincere gratitude to mother;

Yellow carnation symbolizes thanksgiving, dedicated to mother and thanks for her hard working.

In China the special flower accustomed to dedicate to mother is hemerocallis flower or day lily, also known as Wang-You-Cao in Chinese. Hemerocallis flower is a species of perennial herb and belong the lily family. Hemerocallis flower has fleshy rhizome and long leaves, blossom orange red or orange-yellow flowers on the top of its slender branches, very beautiful, and very suitable for enjoyed watching, the buds of hemerocallis flower called Jin-zhen (in Chinese), so it also called daylily buds.

In the Mother's Day, children may present a bunch of day lily (Wang-You-Cao) to mother, and bless mother away from trouble and sorrow, wish her enjoyed a pleasurable life and have a good health and many happy returns.

On this special day, let us present a bunquet of flowers and our best blessing to all mothers in the world!All take action now, give mothers a happy holiday and do our obligations as children.

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Introduction of 2010 China World Expo Pavilions II - Danmark Pavilion

Danmark Pavilion at 2010 Shanghai World Expo Pavilions - Welfairytales

Theme: Welfairytales

National Pavilion Day: June 29

Pavilion Area: Around 3,000 Square Meters

Location: Within Zone C of the Expo site

Pavilion Features:

The pavilion is a double spiral with pedestrian and cycling lanes that takes the visitors from the ground through two ramps, up to a level of 12 meters, and down again. The pavilion paints its steel structure white, to represent the sailing traditions of the country and to help keep the pavilion cool.

The Denmark Pavilion called "Welfairytales" - a blend of the words "welfare" and "fairy tales" - showcases a fairy tale world with the Little Mermaid, the country's symbol, set to make her first visit to Shanghai. It is arranged like a fairy tale in three chapters: the story of Danish cities, the story of the Danish people and the story of Danish technology and solutions for future urban living.

Highlight 1: Little Mermaid Statue

The pavilion features the "Little Mermaid" statue from Copenhagen. It is the first time for the statue, a Danish national icon and major tourist attraction, to leave her hometown. Built in 1913 to honor the famous fairytale character created by Hans Christian Anderson, the Little Mermaid has been sitting on the edge of Copenhagen's harbor since 1913. The mermaid statue will make her Chinese debut at a man-made lake resembling the sights of Copenhagen harbor where the statue resides.

Highlight 2: Bicycles

In the pavilion visitors will be able to borrow bicycles and cycle throughout just as the Danes do in their cities. The concept of sustainability is reflected in free bicycle riding. Riding a bike through an area which is designed like Copenhagen streets will not only evoke the real Danish lifestyle in the capital city, but also promote environmentally friendly concepts. Denmark is a nation of bikes, and Copenhagen is famous for its free city bikes.

Highlight 3: Danish Lifestyle

Visitors can bring their children to play in an open square or enjoy a fun picnic on the rooftop garden. They can also sit beside the pool where the mermaid statue resides and put their foot into the water, just as Danes do in the Copenhagen Harbor.

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Introduction of 2010 China World Expo Pavilions I - United Kingdom Pavilion

UK Pavilion at 2010 World Expo: Building on the Past, Shaping Our Future

Theme: Building on the Past, Shaping Our Future

National Pavilion Day: September 8

Pavilion Area: Around 6,000 Square Meters

Location: Within Zone C of the Expo Site

Pavilion Features:

The first World Expo came about in the United Kingdom and was then known as the Great Exhibition, held in the Crystal Palace at Hyde Park. This majestic metal-and-glass edifice was not only home to the extravaganza display of products from all over the world, but was also the iconic symbol of the world fair, being considered one of the most beautiful structures in the world until a fire destroyed it half a century ago. Now, the United Kingdom has brought to Expo visitors a new version of the Crystal Palace – a dazzling cube formed by more than 60,000 slim and transparent acrylic rods containing seeds of different plants.

Highlight 1:

Green Cities Visitors will travel through four UK's capital cities from west to east - Belfast, Cardiff, London and Edinburgh. Large "green maps" of the cities are on display. The best way to show how green British cities really are is to "erase" all the buildings and streets, leaving only the green spaces.

Highlight 2:

Seed Cathedral Visitors will be invited to watch, touch and recognize seeds of different plants as the core exhibition of the UK Pavilion. They will be surrounded by the seeds in a 20-meter-high hollow cube-like structure with the seeds embedded in the walls and ceilings. The "Seed Cathedral" is itself an object formed from 60,000-plus transparent acrylic rods containing seeds. The seeds demonstrate the concept of sustainability, the diversity of nature and the potential of life. During the daytime, each of these 7.5-meter-long rods will act like fibre optic filaments, drawing on daylight to illuminate the interior. At night, light sources embedded in each rod will allow the whole structure to glow.

Highlight 3:

Olympic Corner UK Pavilion offers a preview of the 2012 London Olympics by incorporating an "Olympic Corner" in its display. The area features a large "green map" of the 2.5-square-kilometer Olympic Park in Stratford in East London, which will be turned into the largest city park in Britain.

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