Introduction of 2010 China World Expo Pavilions II - Danmark Pavilion

Danmark Pavilion at 2010 Shanghai World Expo Pavilions - Welfairytales

Theme: Welfairytales

National Pavilion Day: June 29

Pavilion Area: Around 3,000 Square Meters

Location: Within Zone C of the Expo site

Pavilion Features:

The pavilion is a double spiral with pedestrian and cycling lanes that takes the visitors from the ground through two ramps, up to a level of 12 meters, and down again. The pavilion paints its steel structure white, to represent the sailing traditions of the country and to help keep the pavilion cool.

The Denmark Pavilion called "Welfairytales" - a blend of the words "welfare" and "fairy tales" - showcases a fairy tale world with the Little Mermaid, the country's symbol, set to make her first visit to Shanghai. It is arranged like a fairy tale in three chapters: the story of Danish cities, the story of the Danish people and the story of Danish technology and solutions for future urban living.

Highlight 1: Little Mermaid Statue

The pavilion features the "Little Mermaid" statue from Copenhagen. It is the first time for the statue, a Danish national icon and major tourist attraction, to leave her hometown. Built in 1913 to honor the famous fairytale character created by Hans Christian Anderson, the Little Mermaid has been sitting on the edge of Copenhagen's harbor since 1913. The mermaid statue will make her Chinese debut at a man-made lake resembling the sights of Copenhagen harbor where the statue resides.

Highlight 2: Bicycles

In the pavilion visitors will be able to borrow bicycles and cycle throughout just as the Danes do in their cities. The concept of sustainability is reflected in free bicycle riding. Riding a bike through an area which is designed like Copenhagen streets will not only evoke the real Danish lifestyle in the capital city, but also promote environmentally friendly concepts. Denmark is a nation of bikes, and Copenhagen is famous for its free city bikes.

Highlight 3: Danish Lifestyle

Visitors can bring their children to play in an open square or enjoy a fun picnic on the rooftop garden. They can also sit beside the pool where the mermaid statue resides and put their foot into the water, just as Danes do in the Copenhagen Harbor.

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