Introduction of 2010 China World Expo Pavilions IV - Hong Kong Pavilion

Hong Kong Pavilion at 2010 Shanghai World Expo Pavilions - The Infinite City

Theme: Hong Kong - The Infinite City

Location: Within Zone A of the Expo Site

Pavilion Features:

The three-story metallic structure explores the theme "Hong Kong - the Infinite City," which features Hong Kong's unique connectivity with the mainland and the world in terms of both hardware and software, as well as the city's links to nature, to the past and to the future. The exhibition focuses on the special administrative region's transport network, advanced scientific facilities, financial and trade systems, multinational culture and sustainable high-quality urban life. Highlights include environmental protection, tourism, culture, innovation and the "one country, two systems" principle.

Pavilion Highlights:

Highlight 1: Wetland Park

The third floor of the pavilion will have an indoor wetland park based on the Hong Kong Wetland Park.

Highlight 2: Cultural Extravaganza

Fashion shows, film debuts, visual art exhibitions, a raft of performances and parades - all these feature in Hong Kong plans for the World Expo. There will be 47 cultural performances from the special administrative region during the fair, featuring Cantonese opera, Chinese and western music, multi-media shows and dance. Two visual art exhibitions are also on the agenda. One show will feature the development and innovation of ink art, while the other will highlight the assimilation and transformation of western and Chinese aesthetics in shaping the uniqueness of Hong Kong art.

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