Something Interesting About Tibetan Hair Jewelry

Tibetan jewelry are beautiful things come from Tibet, it born with the magic powder endowed by that piece of land. Natural stones, corals, animal bones and silver are the main material of Tibetan jewelry, these materials are common, and in rough exterior, but contain exquisite connotations. Tiny patterns, engraving, mosaics are formed Tibetan jewelry’s design style subtly, also has strong and thick antique and original rustic flavors.

Tibet Hair Jewelry is standardized, rigorous and humorous, also varied with different regions, ages and marriage conditions. Speaking with great interests, I'd like to give several examples for you readers.

Tibetan Girls’ Hair Jewelry

Same as Chinese girls, Tibetan girls like to has a single plait, the root of the braid was binded with a red hair string, which was called "Xia Jiu" in Tibetan Language. The only difference is that Tibetan girls weaved their braids in a triangular and set it on the head, so it look more beautiful, generous and elegant.

Married Tibetan Women's Hair Jewelry

Girls are alone braided while married women are double-braided, and without hair support, and the length of the red strings are longer than that of their hair plait, women set their two crossed circular braids in the head from the back of their heads, that looked dignified, generous and mature.

Hair Jewelry of Tibetan Women in Pastoral Areas

It's difficult to judge a pastoral woman who has married or not, because regardless of age they all have several small braids on their head, same as Uygur girls, they bind these small braids into two and decorated them with red and green hair strings, also bunch corals, pearls, agates and nine-eye beads on the two braids, which often as long as their body and often draged with their skirt edges. If they put their braids circled on the head, it will looked as a jeweled crown and much styleful.

Hair Jewelry Wearing in Tibetan Mourning Period

In mourning period, Chinese men and women are all wearing black armbands, while Tibetan women merely should wearing different jewelry, that is the only judgement mark to discern that special occasion. Tibetan girls in the first year of her mourning period should wearing green hair strings and wearing pale red strings in the next year, and they could reuse a red hair string in the third year.

Tibetan Elderly Spinster’s Hair Jewelry

Tibetan elderly spinster’s hair jewelry is different from married women, and different from young girls too, a elderly spinster also have an alone braid, she put her braid circled on the head decorated with pale red hair strings, but is absent of a hair support.

Tibetan Men's Hair Jewelry

Tibetan men generally have a long plait, they will keep the hair on the head braided, and shave off hairs below pate. Tibetan men do not use red hair strings to bind their plaits, but using a black hair string, whose color is same with the hair. Tibetan men’s plaits are not braided with three hair strands as women’s, they are braided with four or five hair strands, so men’s plaits are braided into a flat one, looked more tight and powerful.

* Remarks for Ending:

All Tibetan jewelries are made by hands, and each piece is in a class by itself.
Many of Tibetan jewelries are created by lamas in temple. Tibetans have a custom that to daub oils on body, and believe that is on behalf of health. The same as Lama, so on some Tibet jewelries there are loops of scale.

With rich culture and heroic design styles, Minority people’s jewelry can not only attract your eyes, also impact your heart and soul. In this world returned to nature, Tibetan jewelry’s mystery and some a kind of romantic mood even get more of our hearts’ quest. Even you are dressed in general as usually, whenever you wear a piece of jewelry featured with Tibetan folk colors, you will looked more attractive and outstanding in common crowds.

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