Simple but Heartful Holiday Gift Ideas that Won't Break Your Budget

The Christmas holidays are coming...are you just troubled about each year’s too large afford on the gift spending? In my view, gift giving should be simple and from the heart, it is easy to warm someone's heart with a lovely and useful handmade gift, and I’d like to give you several simple but economical ideas about gifts giving, I believe that most of them will be enjoyed and cherished without leaving anyone in the poor house!

Handmade Jewelry

Making jewelry is very popular these days and thanks to the wealth of craft books out there, it is also easy to learn. Go to the local library and check out a couple books on simple jewelry making. Raid a craft store (or maybe your own closet) for beads, tools and other findings for creating handmade jewelry.


If choosing just one photo is difficult, consider making the gift recipient a small album or scrapbook. Scrapbooking supplies are readily available at local craft stores or online and come in a huge variety of background papers, stickers, tags and other creative tools that can be used to turn an ordinary album into something completely personalized.

Framed Photograph

Find an old photograph that involves the gift recipient...maybe a funny shot or one with sentimental meaning. Get a re-print made of it and encase it in a pretty frame. People love to receive photos as presents because they stir the emotions and memory.

Jar Filled With Cookie Ingredients

A tried-and-true gift that is sure to please is so simple to make and give. Take a large jar such as a canning one and fill it with the dry ingredients needed to make cookies or a bread, layering each one on top of the other. Try to use recipes that do not call for fancy, expensive ingredients the gift recipient may have to buy later such as cardamom or other spices. Keep it simple. Tie the recipe around the lid and attach a large bow.

Gift Journal

Many people today enjoy using a journal. If the gift recipient enjoys writing, consider giving a pretty journal (or get a cheaper one and cover it with pretty paper) along with a good pen.

Another creative idea is to journal some of your thoughts or memories that involve the gift recipient into a journal for them. Including photographs or mementos can really jazz up a journal as well.

Gift Donation

If the gift recipient is attached to a particular cause, consider making a small donation in the name of the person to that charity. Donations such as these are often more meaningful than other types of gifts if the recipient feels a particular affinity for that charity. Be sure to include a card detailing the donation so he or she knows who it is from.

Spiced Dipping Oil

Clean out a clear wine or oil bottle and fill it with good quality olive oil (do not use vegetable or other oil). Pour a small amount into a dish. Gather fresh herbs and spices such as rosemary, oregano, thyme, garlic and more.

Test putting together a bit of oil with different mixtures of herbs and spices until you find a combination that is enjoyable when dipped into by bread.

Add the same herbs and spices to your oil, add a festive gift tag with the ingredients and ideas for use (these oils are good for marinating chicken and fish or drizzling on a salad as well) and voila!

A personal and applicable gift will always bring us surprises, I hope these simple but warm gift ideas will provide you a reference, and meet your wish that to find creative and mindful Christmas gifts, and to bring your lover, your parents, as well as your good friends an inexpensive but heartful Christmas present!

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