Happy Halloween VI – Do You Believe in Ghosts?

Do you believe in ghosts?

The Associated Press and Ipsos Survey carried out a poll before Halloween, and the public opinion showed that 34% of the respondents said their believed in ghosts.

On the other hand, there are peoples in a same proportion as the above who believe that unidentified flying objects are existed. In addition, the survey shows that 19% of the respondents believed that the “magic power” was existed in the world.

48% of target people believe that the "super-aware" (referring to the perception of ultra-sensory) exists.

23% of the respondents said they had seen ghosts, in which the number of bachelors, Catholics and those persons who have never attended liturgy said “had seen ghosts” is biggest.

30% of the respondents said they believed there are something strange in the room when they waked up.

14% of the respondents (most of them are men and low-income peoples) said they had seen unidentified flying objects.

One-fifth of the respondents said themselves were somewhat superstitious, in which young men, minorities and especially less educated people inclined more. 26% of urban residents said they believed in superstition, and single men are even more superstitious than single women, the ratio of which was 31% and 17% respectively.

The survey revealed that the number of people who believed that "the Four Leaf Clover could help you meet luck" is biggest, which accounting for 17% of the respondents. 13% of people thought walking under the ladder will be down on one’s luck, or if the bride and groom had meet before the wedding was inauspicious. And there are a small portion of the respondents considered that the black cats, broken mirrors, to open a umbrella in the room, "Black Friday", the number 13 are all symbols unlucky.

* Four Leaf Clover

In a word, women are more superstitious than men with four leaf clover, broken mirror and the saying of the bride and groom’s meeting before the wedding is hapless and so on; more Democrats are more superstitious with "it’s inauspicious open a umbrella in the room" than Republicans; Liberalisms are more superstitious than conservative persons who believed that four leaf clover could bring you good luck, the bride and groom meet before the wedding is inauspicious and it’s unlucky to open a umbrella in the room.

The telephone survey was carried out during in Oct. 16-18, 2008, and a total of 1013 adults had participated in.

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