Happy Halloween V --- Halloween Parade(down part)

New York City's Greenwich Village Halloween Parade could be the annual event of Greenwich Village. The parade was originated from the year of 1973. Initially it was only a simple idea came from a mask maker who is also a puppeteer Ralph Lee. At that time he took a few kids held a small Halloween parade in the community, and later it gradually developed into a large-scale activity throughout the village.

In the parade there are bound to have a event of large-scale puppet show, at the same time, the aim of the parade is hoping everyone are all participants rather than bystanders, so even if the person who originally were only want to act as a watcher, but when he or she entered in the village, he will soon to be invited to join the parade group and become part of them. In the following year, the New York Theater invited him to bring the idea to Main Street, then the annual parade began, and later the last week of October was been formally designated as "Halloweek".

Now, the New York’s Halloween Parade has attracted thousands of New York peoples and tourists each year, and the parade was held in Greenwich Village the teams began at about 7:00pm and started from the 6th Avenue & Spring, and till to the 6th Avenue & 23rd Street, the entire parade process will probably lasted more than 3 hours.

Among the big parade procession, you can see all sorts of exotic dresses and fancy costumes everywhere, even if the New Yorkers who have seen various stranges and bizarreries were also amazed by it. In addition, there are several giant puppets operated by a few peoples to show fantasy images corporeally. Finally, the parade route will extended to the most wild and crazy gay district in New York, and the streets and alleyways were become crowded with those cross-dressers who were all trying their best to playact, the scenery bought a perfect end to this crazy big gathering.

The visitor, no matter come from Asia, South America, Africa, Europe, even Middle East, could dressed himself up into a variety of characters or figures, and a piece of simple musical instrument could been bought along, for purpose of playing local and unique music impromptu for people, and to blend with endemic cultures without borders. In the views of those visitors who have never taken part in the activities of Halloween, not to mention such a wonderful parade, the Halloween parade is so novel and beyond interesting.

The Parade each year has a different theme, such as environmental protection, AIDS and so on. In 2002, for the reason of the event "9-11 terrorist attacks taken place in last year, Greenwich Village erected a statue of the phoenix which is ready to fly up, and used it as a symbol of the reborn after a baptism of fire of New York. This year's parade theme is "play”, and the parade fans all over the world must have been marched in New York with their tippy toes, let's wait and see.

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