Happy Halloween IV – A Holiday Loved by Children and Adults

Halloween is a best time for children indulged in fun. In the eyes of children, it is a festival full of mystery. As the night fell, the children are all hurried to put on their colorful make-up costumes and wear various ridiculous masks on and go out for playing, as well as carried with a "Jack's Lantern" .

The "Jack's Lantern" looks very cute and lovely, and it could be made out as following steps: Take a pumpkin and hollowed out it, then engraved smiling eyes and a big mouth on the outside, then put a candle in and lit it, so people could able to see this naive and smiling face faraway.
When have dressed up fully, groups of children acted as various demons and ghosts and carried with "Jack lanterns", they ran in front of the doors of their neighbors and shouted threatened: "Trick or Treat", "Money or Eat". If the adults do not treat them with candies or small changes, those naughty children will keep their word: All right, No Treat, Just trick with you. They sometimes painted soaps on their door handles, and sometimes painted colors on their cats. These small pranks often made adults hilarious much. Of course, most of peoples are very happy to treat their innocent little guests. So on the eve of Halloween the children could always get a plump stomach and a full pocket back.

The most popular play on the eve of Halloween is "Biting Apples". In the game, people will put some apples floating in the water with a big basin, and then let the children to bite at these apples without using their hands, and the winner is the first one who bit an apple successfully.

In addition, to adults, Halloween is also a happy night could make the fantasies come to true. Lower Manhattan is no exception as New Yorkers turn out en masse to the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade. They come for the entertainment to see the parade's main playact - paper puppets bobbing above the crowds, and to indulge in an elaborate game of dress-up.
Everyday rules are temporarily suspended and thousands of costumed New Yorkers parade in the streets without fear of being judged. Men in hats (and little else) walk alongside kazoo-playing old ladies. No one is worried by the bizarre or weird, because at the Village Parade, Halloween is a night when anything goes.
Anything but crime, that is. Halloween, a night of mayhem in most other U.S. cities, is peaceful in Greenwich Village. The joyous spirit of the partygoers results in a night when crime is lower than on any other night of the year. This proves, in more ways than one, that Halloween is when one's wildest fantasies can come true for New Yorkers.

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