2008 Christmas Gifts & Flowers Fashion Trends Forecast

In the view of general consumers, there is still a long time from Christmas. But for those flower distributors and designers of floral decorations, it's time to take it for consideration that to ready what kind of flowers, gifts and craft products to meet this important holiday.

From the traditional style holiday products to those fashion and avant-garde flowers and floral gifts, the suppliers have prepared all decoration materials for the flower shop operators to "enrich" their gift shops, and to make them become more festive and more attractive for their customers.

Mr. Shen is the assistant manager in a silk art products company, in his view, the main fashion trend in this Christmas season is the floral arts & crafts products with traditional art styles and patterns, "the reason is", said Mr. Shen, the fierce competition, fast-paced life, as well as those frequent harassments of those unexpected incidents make more and people in cities inclined to favor with the feeling of "reviewing upon the past times", so many goods with traditional styles and flavors once again become the public focus of attention.

BC Home Decor Crafts Ltd. has prepared 7 series of themed silk products for this year's Christmas, which includes gorgeous and elegant floral products, small and cute toy soldiers, as well as glittered tin wares that in their origin colors. All these gift products are themed with 'back to home' and to produce a feeling that cozy, warm and comfortable for the customers. The gift products also include peace doves in traditional forms, various forms of plastic plants, such as cedar, holly, and so on. Due to Mr. Shen introduction, although using plastic plants is baned with most religions, but as modern peoples have pay more and more attention to the environmental protection, so some manufacturers have started to using silk materials to produce the holiday gifts and decoration products, such as "Cedar", "holly" and other holiday necessities to meet this special demand and psychology of customers.

There are another main trend in this year's Christmas gifts fashion, that is birdhouse, some of the birdhouses are made of materials in same quality and specifications, for example, wood block that printed with traditional holiday colors or be wrapped with galvanized iron sheets. And the birdhouse's sales season would begin from the fall and till to the Christmas, it is one kind of long-term sale products in gift shops.

Kris is the marketing manager in Floral Season Home Fashions Co., Ltd.,
she is much experienced and deep influenced with the gifts and flowers fashion trends in recent years, "Ten years ago, warm and freedom air colors and art styles are always the main stream in the holidays, but now, some traditional and mass popular style floral gift products have regained places in the holiday market, and again become people’s favorite.

This year, Wellken Crafts Group Limited will launch 5-6 series gifts for the Christmas. However, as view the whole trend of Christmas gifts, through continued improvement on the traditional goods, there will appear many kinds of popular gifts in multi-styles in this year's Christmas market. So, this year's Christmas is still worth looking for by those gift dealers. The company's designers have selected out some blueberries with deeper color, matched with suited brass plates, adhered on which edges there are imitated snowflakes or ice crystals, and among them frozen fruits and berries are used as embellishments. This gift product will act as the main and featured product of Wellken company's series Christmas gifts in this year. In addition, they also have prepared a number of natural wooden gifts produced by villages in countryside or suburbs, thus to meet the demand of those wooden favorites.

Different with the two floral gift dealers mentioned before, Janet, acted as the assistant manager of Taixing Foreign Trade Co., Ltd.
always adheres to her own point of view, who is all through seeking unique artistic styles that different with traditional art patterns. Janet had been visited many countries and has obtained a lot of useful information and inspirations, she has also collected a number of unique and peculiar products raw materials.

"I have been to China, the Philippines and Thailand, I found that each place has its unique artistic style, I have benefited much from all these fine things. Recently, I found some accessories like beads and feather products could create unexpected art effect, so I decided to apply them with our products, I believe these small things will bring us different feelings for this winter

The main promoted Christmas gift of Taixing Foreign Trade designed by Janet is a high-grade senior home decoration named "peacock jewelry tree", it used with small beads colored in purple, pink, amaranth and dark green, and flashing peacock plumes as raw materials, finally shaped into a model of Christmas tree,

"Small beads always bring people pretty feelings and make them thought of lovely things. Through carefully process feather could shines with natural and bright colors, and consequently its artistic taste been increased greatly.

Through contacting with the florists, Janet also had ideas of using fresh seedlings and plants to produce gifts, for example, using small beads or mini ornaments that featured with Victorian styles to deck the flowers and plants. And during the products sales Janet also found, those hot welcomed gifts are always matched well with the color of gold. "In fact, the best match with gold is the color of ivory white, and which has the best view effect". Keep an eye on at any moment to watch what color and style of gifts are welcomed and inclined by the customers is very important to the gift manufacturers and dealers.

Taking account for the special condition and importance of the Christmas in people's hearts, any merchant will not give up this distinct shopping opportunity easily, so each of them are all try their best to design and produce different and unique Christmas gifts and decorations, and wish to bring a satisfied end for all year's busyness.

Surrounded with rich and dazzling Christmas gifts and decorations, and it is so difficult to move your eyes away, well then have you been ready for?

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