Permanent Stainless Steel Art (1) - Stainless Steel Sculpture

As a special kind of alloy material, stainless steel could created astonished vivid artworks when applied in metal molding technics, it also has aesthetics advantages when used in art design.

Many stainless steel indoor artworks have a large number of detailed designs, these details’ realization require a mass of forging and machining work, stainless steel are rich in category and it’s a good choice, in this kind of application, stainless steel are more popular than those alloys who have higher rigidities.

Based on traditional Chinese culture, China's stainless steel artwork adopted European art style, created unique and lively works, these works sometimes are beautiful, vivid, and amazing a lot of people..

Stainless Steel Sculpture

* The title of the above picture: Create a Future

In many a years, many great carving artists are favorite to use stainless steel to create art works, for its special structure and unique aesthetics value. As great sculpture artist Albert Paley said "Stainless steel could created astonished vivid artworks when applied in metal molding technics”; 

"Stainless steel are advantaged in machining, molding and connecting productions, it could also keep the whole structure completely, is a clean and ideal material”’ “Compare with stainless steel with bronze, I prefer to use stainless steel to create large-scale works, because bronze’s structure integrality is inferior to stainless steel”.

Adopting stainless steel are need not to paint, also have no use for covering, it can display the metal itself and its fine plasticity, furthermore, to an artist, stainless steel’s special reflection quality is also very important. 

"We use satin faced stainless steel stead of lightless coarse one, part of reasons are to prevent the interference caused by reflection. Stainless steel has a subtle reflection quality, it will help outstands the production’s art impression, outdoor sight works need such effects especially. 

Passing through the exchanges of lights and shadows optic fibers could create a sort of vigor, while satin faced stainless steel, it seemed that the lights are come from the material itself, as if the lights was absorbed by the material and then been reflected out, thus make the whole work clear and transparent, lively and vivid, especially evident in cloudy sky”. 

Sheeted stainless steel are used in decoration or large-scale sculpture commonly, for it has more machining difficulty, generally applied in productions with huge bodies, which could taken on the beauty characters of industry era.

Supplemental Remarks: Mr. Paley is one of the most well-known and the most welcomed artists in world, who is famous as creating large-scale stainless steel sculptures. For example, the sculpture sitted in Rochester Technology Institute is weighed 100-ton and 21-meter high. 

Mr. Parley usually used S31600 steel and anti-weather steel, they not only have great corrosion stability and maintenance free, but also strong enough to support large-scale pieces of work.

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