Permanent Stainless Steel Art (2) - Stainless Steel Home Furnishings

With independent and cool appearance and easy to clean, practical characters, stainless steel wares have become a necessary part in our daily home life, with artists’ excellent skills stainless steel were given vivid shape and expressions, so acted as small artworks stainless steel furnishings have entered into our daily life.

"When you think about cast iron furniture, you will feel a sense of history, and stainless steel embodied a sort of the contemporary feeling that reflects faces of the present age".

Stainless Steel Fridge

Today, fridges have walked out from kitchens and entered into living rooms and dining rooms, thus they need more harmonious exterior to match the house surroundings. Therefore when high quality stainless steel featured with quality and fashion elements appeared on fridges’ exterior, it’s more than a symbol of trends and fashion. 

“Our design idea is just to find a suitable junction to combine quality with fashion” Said the European designer Markus Lenz, that remark is just summarized the elites of designs of contemporary stainless steel furnishings.

Stainless Steel Art Lamp

The picture above displayed a novel lamp come from an England new prominent designer, whose stainless steel surface are a glittering phalanx assembled with 150 mini lamp bulbs, the glittering frequency could be adjusted also with peoples’ personal favorites, thus the personalized living room become lifesome and vivid.

Stainless Steel Art Vase

If you are looking for really special vase, you could choose a vase made of stainless steel. Atypical design, purity of shapes, versatility of utilization draws your attention so strongly, that a flower looks redundant there.

Expressive motive of the d├ęcor go out of the latest trends which are characterized by the optimism and the vividness. Its atypical construction emits modest elegance and unusual shapes capture your heart with emotion rising from the fact, that it is hand made.

Stainless Steel Art Ashtray

The ashtray was designed by a famous European stylist, used high grade stainless steel, produced by high-level hand polishing skill and new high technology, thus the brilliant steel art was created, at the same time, it also embodied with the designer’s rich enthusiasm on music.

Stainless Steel Art Switch

The product combined the traditional switch’s functions with modern art elements, make the switch embodied decorative features, it could meet people’s demand for personalized decoration, created a new revolution in the history of switches’ manufacturing. 
Applied with advanced design methods and avant-garde design ideas, with bold imagination, refreshing touch switches developed innovatively, it changed the traditional pure-functioned switches’ characters, set functionality and decorative elements in one, the switches’ panels have been designed into a variety of art forms, and give an artistic "finishing touch" on home’s beautification.

The Innovative idea is focused on link the switch’s functionality with it’s decorative elements, so that the switch has decorative features too, that meet people’s demand for personalized decoration. 
Compared with general mechanical switches and other types of electronic switches, this innovative switch has a longer service life, and more ornamental and more highly personalized.

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