Love with Crystal II – Give a Glance at the Mysterious World of Crystal (down part)

5) Pink Crystal (Rose Crystal)

Pink crystal is in the first rank in the assortment of love stones, the luster diffused by pink crystal is moderate and attractive light pink lights, which could make you be loved by peoples around, so it has a particular important influence on the office harmony relations and personal connections there of you. Whether with your customers, boss, colleagues or subordinates, pink crystal could bring you a great aid to improve your human relations, also to increase your popularity.


1. Wearing pink crystal jewelry on the left hand could soften your temperament, while wearing on the right hand could enhance your attractiveness to the outside world.

2. Pink crystal is easily fade into white when it be putted in a high-temperature, so it best to avoid cleaning it in the the sun.

* pink crystal earrings, lovely and pure

Pink crystal is the most cute ornament in this season, the pieces of exquisitely beautiful pink crystal jewelries, distribute its unique charms and bring endless hopes and opportunities to every girls who are pursuing for styles of elegance and pretty, and perform the lovely pure characters of household girls fully, thus they have become so attractive that it difficult to escape sight attentions of peoples around.

6) Milky Crystal

Milky crystal has a moderate white color as mild water, which emits soft and indifferent lights, could arouse the crystal holder filled with emotions, and it be known as the best stone with the ability of emotion evocation.

Milky crystal could make the holder himself full with loves and mercies, also poured selfless and egoless love into all living creatures that are survived in the times, it endowed with powers of making people become emotional. It could make you no longer considered that the others are meticulous, and no longer kept feelings of inferiority and self-pity for considering that yourself are inferior to others, and could see the characteristics and differences of everyone, while give more confidence on the abilities you own and exert your advantages more freely.

If you always can not open your hearts and minds that other peoples all could not able to understand you, please wearing a piece of white crystal.

The features and energy of milky crystal could give you assistance to break the barriers and restrictions build yourself in your heart, thus to communicate with other peoples with a simple and natural mood.

* milky crystal ring, pure and fresh

7) Rutilated Crystal (Hair Crystal)

Hair crystal is actually a type of natural crystal that contains a variety of inside needle shape minerals, these hair needle minerals with different combinations are distributed inside hair crystals, which are looked as if hairs have been embraced in the crystal, so named as "hair crystal".

Inside hair crystal there are minerals of titanium dioxide, rutile, black tourmaline or actinolite. Hair crystals contained a variety of minerals will be formed hair crystals in different colors, such as: hair crystal contains rutiles will formed into titanium (blond) crystal, red hair crystal, silver (white) hair crystal, yellow hair crystal; black hair crystals contained black tourmalines, while crystals contains actinolites will formed into green hair crystal. In the forming process of hair crystal, for different arrangement and the formation ways there maybe produced fine (very thin) hair crystal as known as "rabbit hair crystal".

* Tiatanium Crystal

* Red Hair Crystal

* Gold Hair Crystal

* Green Hair Crystal

A variety of hair crystals in different colors are all greatly helpful for the heart of us, especially in the function of calming spirits, wearing a piece of hair crystal jewelry could get rid of the nervous moods and calm down soon, and further to consider the next the next step, then to enhance the magnetic field and beliefs owned and find the way to the success finally.

8) Red Crystal

Red crystal, known as rabbit hair crystal, also has a alias of "Venus Crystal", is a type of rutile shaped as a network, there are dense hairs as if a pretty girls hairs twisted softly inside the crystal. It is an expensive crystal in crystal products, whose production is extremely small, so there are few people knew it.

Natural red crystal could inspire spirit, bring you a peaceful soul and tranquil moods, it could used as an amulet to keep from turbid gas and dirty things. At the same time, as endowed with specific energies and vibration power, red crystal could not only has functions of health care, but also helpful for diseases treatment and avoid bad fortunes, so it suitable to be kept as a treasure.

As in charged with ‘fire’ in the five-elements, master the seabed annulus in the sever turns of body and control endocrine system, so could help the crystal wearer to improve the conditions of inside circulation, and has good effects on the treatment of gynecological diseases. If women worn a piece of crystal long time whose skin could become more white and become more beautiful, so the red crystals have functions of beauty.

Red crystal could also inspire people’s morale and enhance its self-confidence.
* Warm red crystal earring, bring you a warm and cozy winter.

9) Quartz Cat's Eye

Quartz cat's eye is one kind of cat’s eye stones, which is always be referred to by mineralogists in China and abroad when they are talking about crystals.

The high grade "green fantom" bracelet set with cat's eyes in the above picture is just belongs to quartz cat's eye.

There are many aliases of quartz cat's eye, for example, cat's eyes, cat's eyeballs, Le-stone (called in jewelry line of our country), it also known as "the East Cat's Eye" or "Sri Lanka cat's eye". In the East, opals as quartz cat's eyes had been regarded as a symbol of good luck, people believes that it could safeguard the owner’s health and be free of dangers and troubles, as long as you posses a piece of quart cat’s eye, you could posses a better future.

Matched with gold, platinum and so on, quartz cat's eye could be made of jewelries, which are not only noble and elegant, but also with special favors. It's could be made into a variety of earrings and suitable for wearing in nights.

Dazzling luster revealed in its limpid and brilliant qualities, sometimes it looked veiled, and sometimes it looked outstanding, against with the lights, it would bring you more charms.

Necklaces made of quartz cat's eyes, coordinated with a variety of dresses in matched colors, are unique and generous, the color of which is not monotonous and is gracious too.

When to appreciate finger rings made of quartz cat's eyes, you may get the ring in the hands and turned it around in the sun to observe the light changes of the cat’s eyes. The cat's eye with straight, bright eye lines and vivid colors, and the spaces on which around the "cat's eye" could reflected several beams of light, is the best one.

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