Love with Crystal II --- Give a Glance at the Mysterious World of Crystal (Up part)

Crystal is one kind of intelligential minerals, it could bring us good luck while eliminate bad luck, and it has been described as a fairy treasure of natural stones.

The special molecular structure of crystal is a fruit of absorbing the elites of the sun, moon and the earth endlessly, thus endowed with super powerful nimbus and magnetic energy, and with an incredible force for Aura. Keeping a crystal with as to carry a body guardian of King Kong, it has functions of self-cultivation, health care, training of qi, house guarding, gathering wealth, praying, recruiting wealth, worshiping Buddha, removing blocks, prapatti, adding wisdom, help edge, and keeping away from villains and so on.

In the study of Feng Shui, crystal was also called "Feng Shui Stone", because the natural crystal has agglomerated nimbus in universe of thousands eternities, deposited in the crust from a variety of natural elements (minerals) and refined through innumerable years, thus formed in a variety of crystals, each kind of crystal represents a different frequency of energy, and produce different magnetic fields and functions, so in Feng Shui theory, according to the truth of five elements generated and restricted mutually, crystal has evolved into the most important study of five elements as metal, wood , water, fire and earth.

For years crystal experts have constantly studied over and provided a large amount of literatures and examples of crystal lovers and have proved that crystal contains enormous amounts of energy and mysterious magic power, reply on which could not only reversed back lucks into good desires, but also is an ancient culture that worthy to promote all through millions of years.

Crystal Assorment

There are mainly 9 species in the crystal family catefory as following:

  White Crystal
  Smoky Quartz
  Rose Quartz
  Milky Quartz
  Rutilated Quartz
  Cats Eyes
  Red Quartz 

1) White Crystal
White crystal is a sort of transparent and colorless or white color crystal, natural crystalline is shaped in a hexagonal column. It is the most representative gem endowed with most functions, applications and most helpful in the crystal family, and be called ”The King of Crystal”.

White crystal has the abilities of bringing people a calm mind, a pure and harmonious spirit, and demolishing negative energies around and on people ‘s body, it can amends magnetic fields around and that of people’s bodies, thus to make sick peoples to regain a strong and healthy body, and brings good lucks too; There’s a legend said magically that crystal could not close to witches and wizard for it’s feminine vigor, so white crystal endowed with powers of guarding house, guarding shop and breaking bad fortunes.

* white crystal necklace, elegant and romatic

2) Amethyst Crystal

Amethyst crystal is the most noble and beautiful member in the crystal family, it also known as "Feng Shui Stone”, Japanese called amethyst as energy stone. As appeared in purple color for there’s a trace of Fe (iron) infiltrated in, as ferric oxide is the main cause of the color of bright purple, while light-colored amethysts are mostly be heated and transformed into yellow crystals (artificial heating is commonly while natural yellow crystal engendered by natural heating that through thousands of million years are very rare).

Amethyst crystal also has other forms, most of amethyst crystals are grown in the introversive mode, which called as amethyst crystal holes, and amethyst crystal clusters grown in extroversive mode are extremely rare (the most available crystal clusters in the market are white crystal clusters).

Amethyst crystal is on behalf of the spirituality, mentality, top-tier love, which could be presented as an engaging gift or a keepsake to admirers. As one kind of traditional amulet amethyst crystals are generally able to drive bad fortunes and bring good lucks, also to improve one’s wisdom, adjusting mood, promoting intuition, help to focus attention, enhancing memory and give people courage and strength.

The color of purple is the dominant key to right-brain world, which control one’s intuition and subconscious minds, it is particularly suitable for Aries persons to keeping amethyst, thus help to collect vigor, improving the vitality of thinking, and help people in trouble to think calmly and to face challenges offered with reality.

Amethyst crystal also is the guarding stone and birthstone of Aquarius persons.

* amethyst pendant, mysterious and noble

3) Citrine Crystal (Yellow Crystal)

Citrine crystal is known as "crystal yellow gem" in the gem community, whose colors are different from light yellow, yellow, orange yellow to gold yellow. Due to its superior brightness and color it could be measured as a top grade citrine as long as endowed with transparent, bright and clean characters, also with a fine visibility quality that superior much to that of topaz, so citrine crystal are favored by consumers much, they often be incised into pendants or rings. Furthermore, as natural citrine crystals are extremely rare in the nature, so its prices are more expensive.

Citrine crystal is a symbol of wisdom and joy, it could bring us full confidence, and reduce fears and guilt senses too, so it has a good ability of calming and adjusting moods for persons who are prissy or nervous more. At the same time, citrine crystal is also the guardian stone for Gemini persons!

Citrine crystal also is helpful for persons who are weak in pancreas and endocrine nervous system, it’s also essential for diabetics, also is helpful for the treatment of stomach cramps and swelling.

As citrine crystal is mainly preferred for money recruiting, so it is an indispensable aid for stock holders, a citrine crystal ball is particularly has a more strong cohesion and is more prominent with this function, So, aside from placing a wealth guardian in home, it’s best to wear a citrine crystal bracelet for a stock enthusiast .

* citrine crystal finger ring, vivacious and gracious

4) Smoky Quartz (or Brown Quartz)

Smoky Quartz or Brown Quartz also known as smoky crystal and black crystal, it is radioactive and contained strong energy implicitly. Most of smoky crystals are formed in hexagonal prism shapes, and sometimes contained ice-break and clouds materials inside same as other transparent crystals. The color shades of smoky crystal are various, different from light brown or dark brown, but sometimes formed into the color of black brown that completely dark. The variety of smoky crystal’s color shade is caused by the influences of natural radiation during the crystal’s forming course.

Smoky crystal is a representative crystal for stability, wearing a smoky quartz bracelet (remember to wear on the left hand) could help you to be more steadily, solid and practical, also it could help you to control your flighty and nervous characters, making your mood field in dispassion thus to calm down your thoughts, so you can look through the complex conditions clearly and make the most efficient direct reaction and way to deal with the response.

Smoky crystal has a strong ability to regenerate, so it could shorten the time of wounds healing, at the same time smoky crystal is significant effective for absorbing negative energy (especially best for absorbing confused gas, or avoiding bad fortunes), it can enhance the function of people’s immune system, give more vigor to human cells, thus to reduce the body’s aging speed and recover the vitality of youth.

In addition, smoky crystal can improve the male’s sexual function significantly, and also helpful for women to moderate her blood and gas and intensifying the curative efficacy of women's disease.

* smoky crystal earrings, mellow and fresh clean

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