Love with Crystal I – Limpid and Brilliant Crystal Jewelry

Through the ages, there’s nothing like crystal as the purest thing in the world. It is often be described as a virgin girl's tears, also as stars in the sky of the summer nights, wisdom fruits of the saints, elites of the earth and all. People also endow a lot of beautiful fairy tales with crystal, repose symbols, hopes and pieces of mystery on her.

As one kind of ancient jewels, crystal is known and reputed as "water spirit", "water jade" and "Buddha stone". No woman will deny the beauty of crystal, whose visible transparent texture and engaging mysterious character, all attract each soul of beauty lover. At the turn period of winter to spring, crystal jewelry thus become women’s favorite jewelry, whether you are a elegant and intellectual lady, or a unruly wild woman, crystal can give you a good chance to perform and display your special charms and unique beauty.

Crystal Necklace

Wearing elegant crystal necklace and enjoying a soft and tender woman’s exquisite life

As a sort of jewelry, with its transparent, clear, dreamful and shining quality and characters, crystal necklace has conquered countless women’s soul.

In general crystal necklace can be divided into amethyst necklace, black crystal necklace, natural crystal necklace and white crystal necklace.

Amethyst necklace, she is so mysterious and noble to serves as a foil to women’s perfect temperaments and to display women attractive charms, and let you become the outstanding point of fashion.

Crystal Bracelet

- Saying girls’ sweet minds and display your personalized style, wearing a piece of crystal bracelet, everything you do will be beautiful and fashionable.

To wear a piece of crystal bracelet, you should notice that there’s a traditional custom that bracelet made of absorbent quality crystals should be worn on the left hand, while projective crystals should to be worn on the right hand.

Colorful crystal bracelets of surpassing brilliance are made of fine quality crystal material and created with superb technique. The combination of colorful crystal diamonds is dazzling, noble and gorgeous, wearing on the wrist could make you shining and show your unique beauty.

Crystal Ankle Bracelet

Crystal ankle bracelet is one of a popular jewelry that caters for young ladies’ favor, it mainly suitable for wearing in informal occasions. There’s a legend that if you send a piece of anklet bracelet to your lover, you two will be together in the next life.

Crystal Hair Pin
--- gracious and distinguished

A crown shape hair grip made of crystal or pearls is all along the first choice of brides that used for outstanding their shiny beauty and elegant temperaments when they doing hairs, in this year you may use a crystal crown hairpin to be a more stylish bride.

Crystal Earrings--- Lively and gorgeous

Clear and clean crystal earrings, created out by elaborate carving technique and careful inlaid process, it bunched and suspending from ears, and has become a romantic element that is exquisite, lovely, and fashion ladies are difficult to tear themselves away.

As a wholly apposite ornament, with bright shining charms…it’s lively as well as gracious, crystal earrings fully demonstrate women's temperaments of purity and romance, it suitable for an elegant woman who has predominant characters.

Crystal Pendant
--- a cute holy treasure of the nature

Transparent white crystal pendant, it is romantic and casual, whose design ideas are mostly focused on sweet and leisure moods of little women, they are so much changes in the styles that amazing a lot, as small and fine, crystals can bring finishing touches to the apparel fashion.

Crystal Brooch
--- Dream colored and brilliant

Brooch has been relatively lonely long in the jewelry world, but in this season you may use a piece of brilliant and dream colored crystal brooch freely to add fashion tints on the chest.

Crystal brooches in this season are still concentrated on designs of fabulous nature as flowers and animals, they could fully bring you rich dynamic feelings and make you outstanding luminous.

If you are going to be a bride, as long as to use a little creative mind and some imaginations, for example, in the neck, on the shoulder, also you can pin it differently on some special places, and matched with a piece of right wedding gown, then you can become attractive much and indelible.

Ending Remarks:

There’s a song singing that: "The love between you and me is just like crystal, it’s so clean and transparent that there are no burdens and secrets in". Crystal in legend is the tears of angels that falling into the ordinary world, it’s the most limpid nutrients that could guide you to walk through the happy days quietly.

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