Christmas Gifts Ideas for Boxing Fans

As the Christmas season is coming soon, do you need a gift for one of your friends who is a crazy boxing fan? These great boxing related gift ideas maybe let him excited and screamed out.

Hand Wraps and Boxing Gloves
Together for a reason that the hand wraps and gloves work together to protect the bones and connective tissues of the hand and wrist that why we choose them. Get 180" elastic hand wraps and 16oz bag gloves with a hook and loop fastener.

A Heavy Bag
These come in various shapes and sizes from 25 lbs all the way up to 200 and more. A 70 lb canvas bag is a good choice. Add a roll of duct tape to wrap around the punch zone for that authentic gym look and feel.

Boxing Cards
This doesn't have to be a $1000.00 ringside seat at the MGM grand, do a Google search for boxing in your area. Many hotels, such as the Marriot, have boxing cards every month. Tickets are often only $25.00-$50.00 and your boxing fan will get to see good, up-and-coming local talent. When one of them breaks out and becomes famous (and some will) your fan can say, "I knew him when..."

Speed-bag and Platform
There is nothing like the sound of a speed-bag's rat-ta-tat to give a boxing fan goosebumps. It takes only a little practice to become proficient and it's a riotous good time.

A Book on Boxing
There are several great books on the sport of boxing with topics ranging from training aids to biographies of boxing legends. If your boxing fan is on the couch, they can always read in between fights.

Leather Jump Rope
At ten bucks or less, this is the cardio deal of all time. There's reason boxer's use these things.

Boxing Movies
Who can forget Robert Dinero in "Raging Bull" as the legendary Jake LaMotta, or Sylvester Stallone in "Rocky" as a struggling journeyman fighter in Philadelphia who gets a shot at the big time. Yes, your boxing fan is still in front of the tube, but at least you can make make some popcorn and join them.

A Round Timer
Even the simplest ones can be calibrated for two minutes (amateur and women's rounds) three minutes (professional rounds) with 30 second or 60 second rest periods. Good ones will also have a 30 second warning for the end of a round so the boxer can step up their activity. Ends the distraction of clock-watching so they can concentrate on their workout.

We know watching boxing on TV is fun, but there is nothing like experiencing for oneself the things that boxers do. Take a tour through the gym for ideas and watch your boxing fan friend in your house enjoy your Christmas gift for the holidays to come.

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