A Great Gift Idea - Novety Tissue Box

Do you want to get a unique, funny or gorgeous tissue box to decorate you house? I'd like to introduce some novelty items emerging in the market recently.

Talking Tissue Box.

Each time you reach for a tissue, it imitates your illness with one of five sneezing and coughing sounds. If laughter really is the best medicine, this hilarious tissue box will have you feeling better in no time. Motion activated. Requires 2 AA batteries (not included). Plastic, 6 x 6 x 6 1/4".

Elite Home Fashions Tiki Tissue Box

Made of sturdy and beautiful bamboo, these pieces add a note of rich texture to the bath. Rustic black with a natural combination finish. Is it cute enough to catch your eyes?

Brushed-Chrome Tissue Box Cover
• Made of sturdy brushed chrome
• Sleek, compact design
• Brushed-Chrome Collection adds a stylish accent to any bathroom

This item is suitable for a rigid style man. Are you agree with me?

Du Barry Tissue Box

Who wouldn't want to stare at a gorgeous tissue box when blowing their nose? The Du Barry Tissue Box by Elite Home Fashions will be eye candy when you get that seasonal cold. With its antique gold color and polyresin pieces, it will be sure to accent your bathroom wonderfully. This bathroom accessory will make you feel like a prince or princess in your own bathroom!

"By The Sea" Tissue Boutique

Freshen up with the seaside style of this tissue boutique. Sea shells grace this ceramic bath accessory that brings all the serenity of the ocean into your bathroom.

Make a Christmas Angel Tissue Box Craft for Your Kids

During Christmas it is fun to decorate and get your home ready for the holidays. Making the Christmas angel tissue box is an inexpensive craft to do with kids and family members. The Christmas angel tissue box makes an excellent gift to give from kids to relatives, friends and even teachers. The entire project normally takes less than half an hour to put together. It is a fun activity for when it's cold outside or raining and you need something to fill the time.

Another fun thing about the Christmas angel tissue box is that can be saved and store for each Christmas. This means that each year you can bring out the Christmas angel tissue box that your child made and decorate your home. What a wonderful way to remember when they were young and to have something that they made as a kid when they move out on their own.

Teachers can have children bring in the supplies for the Christmas angel tissue box and make this craft in class. It is a terrific way for kids to have something to make to give to relatives and parents during the holidays. I would personally recommend this craft for middle school and up for an art activity in the classroom. You can even set the Christmas angel tissue boxes in the window sill to decorate the classroom.

Items Needed to Make Christmas Angel Tissue Box:

Unused square shaped box of tissues; Box of aluminum foil; One unused coffee filter; Metallic Trim; Blue, Green, Yellow or Red Golf Tee; One big red sequin; All purpose white glue; Small pieces of yarn to use for the hair; All purpose scissors; Roll of Masking Tape; All purpose Markers; Two holly leaf shaped sequins; Several pieces of construction paper in skin tone of your preference; One - 12 inch pipe cleaner that matches the construction paper

How to Make Christmas Angel Tissue Box Craft

Last, as DIY crafts are so popular today, so you can also make a tissue box yourself and it will be a wonderful Christmas gift for your kids. Ok?, Let's start up now!

The first step to create your Christmas angel tissue box is to tear off a large piece of the aluminum foil. You ideally want to create a wing out of the foil that is approximately seven inches tall and around five inches wide. You fold the aluminum foil in half to form a rectangle. Next, you pinch the foil in the center to create the wing look. Spread the foil out so that it looks like two wings attached to one another. On the back of the wings you just created, put a small piece of masking tape in the center.

Next you will attach the wings of the Christmas angel tissue box to the actual unused tissue box. Lay the box on the side with the opening for the tissues facing you. Put a small strip of masking tape over the top of the tissue box right above the opening. Glue the wings you made in the previous step to the actual tissue box on top of the masking tape.

Now that you have the wings attached to the Christmas angel tissue box it is time to create the angel sleeves. Next, using the all purpose scissors cut the coffee filter in half. Take each half of the coffee filter and fold it into thirds. Tape the sleeves closed. Take each coffee filter sleeve and slide it onto an end of the pipe cleaner, leaving some pipe cleaner showing for the hands of the Christmas angel tissue box. Glue the sleeves with the all purpose white glue onto the wing area of the tissue box. You should line up the sleeves with the wings and have pipe cleaner showing at each end.

Now our Christmas angel tissue box needs a sweet face. Using the all purpose scissors cut out a circle that is 2 inches around. Using the all purpose marker, make a beautiful face with eyes, and so forth. Next, add the hair by gluing on the yarn bits that you collected. With the all purpose glue, glue the holy leaves side by side on the hair and then put the red sequin as the berry for the holy. Place a small amount of masking tape on the center back of the head. Glue the Christmas angel tissue box head to the center of the wings and sleeves you put together in the previous steps.

Now to make the Christmas angel tissue box more Christmas themed. Take the pipe cleaner sleeves that have the coffee filter on them and bring them forward to touch one another. Place the golf tee with the pointed in at the angel's mouth for a Christmas trumpet. Glue the end of the golf tee to the angel face. Gently wrap the pipe cleaner to the end of the trumpet golf tee.

To decorate the Christmas angel tissue box sleeves, use the all purpose glue the metallic trim to each sleeve as decorative sleeve trim. Your Christmas angel tissue box will be beautiful and sounding off to the world the joys of Christmas.

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