Did You Wash Your Hands with Hand Soap Today?

"Hand washing today is about more than just cleanliness. People want to prevent the spread of germs," points out Hadrian Miguel, licensed
esthetician at DHC USA's headquarters in San Francisco, California. "DHC Hand Soap meets this challenge and then some. Its instant lather washes
away dirt and reduces bacteria to sanitize hands. And thanks to conditioning collagen, sorbitol, and glycerin, it won't strip or dry out skin."

Let's talk soap.

1.Why not just stick with store-bought body wash?

Many people like using body washes for the moisturizing properties and special fragrances that they offer, but handcrafted soaps (both liquid and solid bars) offer the same options plus more.

It's pure luxury when you can bathe with a creamy, thick, beautifully scented lather from a soap that's been handcrafted especially for (or by) you.

Also, many people today are concerned about the ingredients. If you make them, you can choose what goes into the formulations, including the addition of beneficial botanicals, exotic oils and butters.

What is a common mistake with soap making?

When making either soap or candles, safety must come first. You need to know your ingredients, how they will interact with each other and with you. We need to learn all we can about our ingredients and the procedures before starting our first project.

2. What are the Latest Trends?

Right now the focus is on going back to basics. Go green. Go as natural as you can. Sure we like to use color and fragrances, but many are now using as many natural ingredients as possible.

3. How to Use Liquid Hand Soap Most Economically

Most liquid hand soap manufacturers are counting on the fact that you will use them in the same way that you would use a bar of soap - that you will wet your hands first thing and then squirt on the soap. This usually results in a large portion of the soap going down the drain without effect. Here is a better way.

First Step: Turn on the tap, but don't wet your hands.
Second: Squirt the soap onto your dry hands and rub your hands together, rather like you were using hand creme. Focus on the finger tips to get rid of dirt underneath it.
Finally, when the soap is evenly distributed over your entire hand, put your hands under the water and wash up.

You will find that this method both cleans your hands better, plus saves on the cost of soap. Place a rubber O ring halfway down the pump mechinism (below the spout, above the screw cap). The pumps are designed to deliver excess soap, the O ring will make the pump stop sooner, but you still have a sufficient quantity for proper cleaning.

4. One of the best soap products - Organic Foaming Hand Soap

Organic Foaming Hand Soap is ideal for washing hands but can also be used to clean dishes in a pinch and in many other applications. It is great for cleaning up after pets leave their mark on carpets and also great on camping trips and on boats. It cleans people and everything else in sight effectively with minimal water use.

The soap is made from renewable vegetable and botanical sources including organic saponified coconut and Castile olive oil, pure essential oils, aloe and rosemary extract. Offered in Lemongrass Zen and Lavender Ecstasy, it has a pleasant scent, a remarkably soft vegetable oil soap feel and is extraordinarily mild and hypoallergenic. It is completely natural and is free of artificial colors, fragrances, preservatives, and animal by-products and is not tested on animals.

“The soap contains only pure essential oils that provide aromatherapy benefits for the mind and kill germs on the skin", says Vermont Soap founder and President Larry Plesent. As an organic castile liquid soap based product, the organic foaming hand soap is guaranteed to be free of the synthetic ingredients found in mass-marketed foamers,” adds Plesent

5. Contact Lens Hand Soap
Contact lens hand soap is a necessity if you wear contact lenses, when you have get the soap, you should get some idea anout how to properly use the soap.

It is very important that you wash your hands properly with the contact lens hand soap. Serious eye infections can occur when you take your contacts out and put them in if you do not have really clean hands.

The best contact lens hand soap to use is liquid soap. Apply the liquid contact lens hand soap while your hands are dry. Spread the soap on your hands and rub it in well. Be sure to get the contact lens hand soap under your fingernails too. There are all kinds of germs that live under your fingernails and the contact lens hand soap will help kill those germs.

Rinse your hands with running water and do a very thorough job. Dry your hands on clean paper towels or unperfumed, plain tissues. You can use a lint-free towel you have washed yourself but do not share a towel with anyone else. This will negate the effect of the contact lens hand soap.

If you follow these procedures your experience with contact lens hand soap will be safe and sanitary.

Now, you have get some useful methods and good ideas about how to use hand soap, the next step is to buy a hand soap you favorite, I'd like to suggest you to check online for some good deals, lots of sites offer great prices for hand soaps.

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