Introduction of 2010 China World Expo Pavilions VIII - France Pavilion

France Pavilion at 2010 Shanghai Expo - The Sensual City

Theme: The Sensual City

National Pavilion Day: June 21

Pavilion Mascot: Cat Léon

Pavilion Area: Around 6,000 Square Meters

Location: Within Zone C of the Expo site

Pavilion Features

The "Sensual City" itself is impressive with a large, classical roof garden and a pond. The walls of the square-shaped structure, which is made from a special concrete, are covered in plants and it looks like a white floating palace. Gardens are the centerpiece of the pavilion.

The "Sensual City" showcases the sights, smells, tastes, sounds and feel of France - visitors will be able to admire French gardens and paintings, smell French perfume, taste French cuisine, touch the cool water of pools and fountains, and watch clips from classic French films to soak up the glamor of France.

Highlight 1: Floating Palace

The France Pavilion appears to be floating in the beauty rhyme with water. The structure as a whole is "wrapped into" a huge wire mesh that is made of a new type concrete material, while featuring the plant walls, and water pools internal and external.

Highlight 2: French-style Garden

In the center of the structure stands a French-style garden, with streams flowing alongside. Small fountains and water gardens will help cool the space, where visitors may enjoy the singing of birds, fragrance of flowers, and delicious food under the sunshine and amid the aquatic environment. Surrounded by the space that is permeated with French city ambient sound effects, visitors may think they were in France.

Highlight 3: Alain Delon

As the spokesman of France Pavilion, Alain Delon will tell you his close ties with China at the "France Pavilion Channel" specifically set up for the pavilion exhibition.

Highlight 4: Romantic French Wedding

Visitors may also have the chance to witness a romantic French wedding, which has been held in the city of Tours for several consecutive years. New couples will tie the knot in the beautiful French-style garden within the pavilion.

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China's Mona Lisa - Painting 'Riverside Scene During The Qingming Festival'

Part of Painting ‘Riverside Scene During The Qingming Festival’

One of Ten China Famous Paintings - Riverside Scene During The Qingming Festival is a custom painting work for the Northern Song Dynasty, which is 24.8 cm wide, 528.7 cm long, color on silk;

The painting scroll is the only survived artwork of Northern Song Dynasty painter Zhang Zeduan in the world, it is one of national treasures in China, now be collected in Beijing National Palace Museum.

Painting ‘Riverside Scene During The Qingming Festival’ in scroll form, with multiple vanishing points composition method, describing a vivid scenery of city living in China's 12 century.

Part of Painting ‘Riverside Scene During The Qingming Festival’

"The Qingming Festival By The Riverside’ Painting is a city scenery scroll describing the capital city of the Northern Song Bianjing, according to statistics, there are totally 1,659 varied characters, 209 animals in the painting, the number is larger than the character number in any of the China Four Classic Novels.

It captures the daily life of people from the Song period at the capital, Bianjing, today's Kaifeng. The theme celebrates the festive spirit and worldly commotion at the Qingming Festival.

The entire piece was painted in hand scroll format and the content reveals the lifestyle of all levels of the society from rich to poor as well as different economic activities in rural areas and the city.

Part of Painting ‘Riverside Scene During The Qingming Festival’

The painting is famous because of its geometrically accurate images of boats, bridges, shops, and scenery. Because of its fame, it has been called "China's Mona Lisa".

From the painting we can get a glimpse at the prosperous city scenery of the Northern Song Dynasty with contiguous tea houses, bistros, diners and arch bridges over the Bian river, crowds of people going out to make a spring outing, as well as varied characters, such as vendors and peddlers, jugglers, paupers and beggars, monks, fortune tellers and seers, innkeepers, metalworkers and carpenters and so on. The scenery on the painting is so dazzling and dizzying.

The city size and prosperity degree of the North Song Dynasty is supreme than any other country at that time, as the current World Expo in Shanghai is themed with 'City Life', so if you go to the China Pavilion at the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai, you will see such a famous painting describing scenery of ancient Chinese city.

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Introduction of 2010 China World Expo Pavilions VII - U.S.A. Pavilion

U.S.A. Pavilion at 2010 Shanghai World Expo - Rise to the Challenge

Theme: Rise to the Challenge

Highlights: Gray Steel Structure

National Pavilion Day: July 2

Pavilion Area: Around 6,000 Square Meters

Location: Within Zone C of the Expo Site

Pavilion Features:

The USA Pavilion is a mammoth gray steel structure meant to resemble an eagle stretching its wings in welcome. The pavilion presents a dynamic and emotional story that conveys four core concepts: sustainability, teamwork, health and the spirit of striving for success.The exhibition tells the story of the American spirit of perseverance, innovation, and community-building in a multi-dimensional, hi-tech presentation.

The overall theme of the pavilion is "Rise to the Challenge." In keeping with the Expo's theme of "Better City, Better Life," the challenges depicted will be creating environmentally sustainable communities, engaging in a healthy lifestyle and using technology to improve people's lives. The pavilion showcases American business and technology, as well as culture and values, to foster stronger friendship between the American and Chinese peoples.

Highlight 1: Visual Parable without Dialogue

The USA Pavilion features a show entitled "The Garden" - the story of a 10-year-old girl who envisages turning a vacant city lot into an urban oasis, working with her neighbors to make that happen. The movie - a visual parable without dialogue - includes plenty of computer-generated imagery and 4-D effects, like vibrating seats, mist and lightning. The girl's passion and resolution has inspired her neighbors to work together to turn a dilapidated city into a fascinating place with the spirits of optimism, innovation and cooperation.

Highlight 2: Live Shows and Multimedia

In addition to a daily "Dance-America!" outdoor show, the USA Pavilion will stage a wide range of performances including jazz, pop, ska and classical music, university marching bands, theater and dance.

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