Introduction of 2010 China World Expo Pavilions VI - Switzerland Pavilion

Switzerland Pavilion at 2010 Shanghai World Expo - Rural and Urban Interaction

Theme: Rural and Urban Interaction

Curtain of Woven Aluminium Elements

National Pavilion Day:
August 12

Pavilion Area:
around 4,000 square meters

Within Zone C of the Expo site

Pavilion Features

A combination of technological insight and beautiful dream - Switzerland Pavilion best shows the characteristics of modern Switzerland, including the pursuit of excellence, innovation and high-quality life, as well as concepts of future facing, forward looking and sustainable development.

The most distinguished feature of the Switzerland Pavilion is the chair lift ride. The jouney takes about 10 minutes. The chair lift will take people up and out to the roof garden from the inside pavilion. The chairs are sheltered to ensure operation under the raining weather.

Highlight 1: Interactive and Intelligent Facade

The interactive, intelligent facade enveloping the pavilion is a curtain of woven aluminium elements under which visitors pass to access the urban area on the ground floor of the building. LED lights comprised of an energy source, a storage unit and a consuming unit are incorporated into the facade.

The energy produced is made visible in the form of flashes that are triggered by the pavilion surroundings, such as the sun or flashes made by visitor cameras. Thanks to the storage of energy in each individual cell, the facade is also active at night, when the cells will trigger each other.

Highlight 2: Use of Chinese Philosophy

The design concept is visible in a mix of many contradictory elements. The Chinese Philosophy of "Yin" and "Yang" is well reflected in the entire building, to achieve an ingenious combination of high-tech and nature.

Highlight 3: IMAX Film "The Alps"

At the top end of the ramp of the exhibition area, visitors can see a 10-meter-high projection screen in the atrium. The IMAX film "The Alps," showcasing magnificent Swiss mountain scenery, will be projected.

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