Chinese Contemporary Art Ceramics Market Trends Up

During hard times of this financial crisis, the auction market situation become unstable. However, the Chinese contemporary art ceramics gone against the market trend and ascending, which make investors sit up and take notice.

Keep Silence as a Perfect Gentlemen when Watching a Chess Game (by Li Jusheng)

The colorful gold bell bottle named "Karaoke Map" owned by Zhu Jianxin sold on the 2008 RongBao Autumn auction with a final price 39,200 Yuan;

On the China JiadDe 2008 Autumn, a color underglazed porcelain bottle named "Boating on River" owned by Bai Lei was sold on price 78,400 Yuan;

On the Beijing HanHai 2008 Autumn, a Zhen Baichong hand-painted color landscape porcelain bottle sold for 89,600 Yuan, at same time, a fine porcelain bottle painted with tiny Wang Zhiwen calligraphy and landscape painting was sold for 224,000 Yuan by the buyer.

On the China Guardian 2008 Autumn Auction a ceramic figurine called "I'm pregnant" made by Zhou Guozhen was sold on price 257,600 Yuan; A high temperature color glazed porcelain ware made by Li Jusheng and named "keep silence as a perfect gentlemen when watching a chess game" sold on a highest price as 1,904,000 Yuan.

I'm Pregnant (by Zhou Guozhen)

As early as on the China Guardian 2007 Spring Auction, the first special auction for "Modern and Contemporary Ceramic Art" in China was launched already, on which the mainly auctioned arts&crafts were came form contemporary artists of industrial arts in JDZ, and there were totally 79 pieces of artworks were sold out and the total mount of sales is 15,784,160 Yuan, with a high transaction rate of 97.4%.

Among them, a high-temperature colored glaze inlay ware named "Teenage Life" produced by LI Jusheng, one of great masters of industrial arts in China was sold for 1.232 million Yuan, which is the highest price on the auction.

Through the Guardian 2007 Spring Auction collectors become to realize the value of Chinese contemporary ceramic art, while on auctions hold on autumn later, Beijing HanHai and RongBao auction also opened its special auction for modern and contemporary art ceramics separately, and both of them has acquired good achievements at this hard times of the auction market caused by the current international financial crisis, and the value of master artworks also show a up trend in the market.

Teenage Life (By Li Jusheng)

Mr. Chen Linlin, the project manager of China Jia De Porcelain Crafts Department believes that with its unique techniques, strong sense of the times, originality and technicality, Chinese modern and contemporary ceramic arts & crafts have attracted collectors, and as the collecting mentality of collectors become mature gradually, the traditional criteria lines of "Judge a hero via ages and times" is now slowly changing, and they thought the artistic value of the artwork is worthy more attention.

In addition, as there are no technique problems in contemporary art ceramics, the art value of a special artwork could be identified easily by collectors, together with the market is still in its infancy, so the average price of which is rather lower and no bubbles in it, so there is a large space for price rising in future.

The head of Beijing HeBiXing Ceramic Art Museum Mrs. Wen Li said that she had realized the collection value of contemporary art ceramics since three years ago, she often visited those masters of industrial arts and professors in Ceramic Academies in Jingdezhen, LongQuan, and buy fine artworks once encountered.

As artworks she collected more and more, she found the current market had not put enough attention on contemporary art ceramics. Upon that she opened the HeBiXing Ceramic Art Museum, and devoted to create the primary market of art ceramics. After three years of painstaking efforts, she found some improvements in the market finally, and the success of the auction market also has given more confidence to collectors aimed for Chinese contemporary art ceramics.

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Different Valentine Flowers and Chocolates, Different Meanings

In the West, the Valentine's day is the holiday for lovers. Valentine's Day is not only the best time to express love to their loved ones, but also a best chance to propose.

In customs of the
Valentine's Day, flowers and chocolates could not absent in the celebrating occasions. Well, you know there are something special and its special meanings?

As rose on behalf of love is well known, but do you know different colors and numbers of rose also stands for different intentions…?

Different Colors of Roses You Giving Away on the Valentine Day Indicates:

Red rose represents passions and true love;

Yellow rose represents treasure, blessing and jealousy, losing love;

Purple rose represents sacred fire and precious, uniqueness;
White rose represents pure and simplicity;
Black rose represents a tender heart;
Orange rose represents friendship and youthful beauty;
Blue rose represents plain characters and goodness.

Different Numbers of Roses You Giving Away Stand for…


0 rose --- I love you more than I can say!

One Rose --- ONLY YOU!
Two Roses --- Only you and me in world
Three Roses --- I LOVE YOU!
Four Roses --- I'll be loving you till my death
Five roses --- I appreciate you from the bottom of my heart!
Six Roses --- Mutually respect, love and forgive
Seven Roses --- You are my secret admirer
Eight Roses --- Thanks for your care, support and encouragement 
Nine Roses --- ALWAYS!
Ten Roses --- Perfect Love!
Eleven Roses --- You are my dearest, ONLY you!
Twelve Roses --- Every day I love you more and more!
Thirteen Roses --- Everlasting friendship!
Fourteen Roses --- You are my pride!
Fifteen Roses --- I'M SORRY!
Sixteen Roses --- Changeable Love!
Seventeen Roses --- Hopeless and irreparable Love!
Eighteen Roses --- Sincerity and Confession
Nineteen Roses --- Endurance and Expectations
Twenty Roses --- The only thing I own is a sincere heart!
Twenty-One Roses --- Sincerely Love
Twenty-Two Roses ---Good Luck!
Twenty-Five Roses --- I wish You Happiness!
Thirty Roses --- I believe we will come together
Thirty-Six Roses --- Romantic Love 
Forty Roses --- ——I Pledging My Love!
Fifty Roses --- Meet by chance!
Ninety-Nine Roses --- FOREVER!
One Hundred Roses---100% LOVE!
One Hundred and One Roses --- You are my best…best love
One Hundred and Eight Roses --- Propose!

Different Types of Chocolates You Giving Away On the Valentine’s Day Means…

Hazel Chocolates --- Loyalty

Nut Chocolates --- Lovely Girl

Liqueur Chocolates --- I’ll drunk with you

Milk Chocolates --- You are my sweetheart

* Other Valentine Flowers

Rosebush --- I beg your love

Starry Sky --- Enamored

Lily --- Love for all seasons

Sunflower --- I adore you

Albizzia Julibrissin Durazz --- Joyful

Marigold --- Fascination

Red Beans --- Lovesick

Dendrobium --- You are a willful beauty

Red Chrysanthemum --- You are my Love

Lilac --- Shyness

White Clove --- Miss me please

Tulip --- Love parable

Willow Twigs --- I AttachingYou

Wood Violet --- Longlasting Beauty

Calliopsis --- Wish you happy forever

Margarita --- Lover’s Love

Wish you good luck in the coming Valentine's day and love season!

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Various Valentine’s Day Customs in Different Countries

For everyone there’s sometime special and something unique to express, to memorize, to share their love and expectations, also in different countries the celebrating ways of the Valentine’s day is also various and interesting…

In France: Basically it’s the man to do some romantic actions for his lady, while women do not have to worry too much…

In Britain: In most occasions it’s men to present gifts to women. In the United Kingdom, there are respondents who indicated that they had sent mangos, handcuffs and sweet donuts to their secret admirers.

In South Korea: Women will accustomed to give chocolates to men, and more chocolates the man received that indicates the man owned more popularity.

In Japan: The special way for women in Japan to celebrate Valentine’s day is to give gifts to all the men they known.

In Italy: The Valentine’s day for Italians is not bound to means a gift-giving day but a love confession day. The most special custom in Italy is against unmarried women, who will get up early on Valentine's Day and standing on the window in silence, looking forward to see the man first appeared in front her, in their belief the man first past through the window the girl stopped is just her prospective husband and he will marry her in one year.

In Brazil: That time (February 14) it’s just in the period of the Rio carnival in Brazil. In fact, the lover date in Brazil is June 12.

In Mexico: The Valentine's Day in Mexico is a day to express friendship and love, so no matter men or women in Mexico will all give gifts to their friends who used to give them a hand.

In China: The Valentine's Day in China is just the Chinese Lantern Festival, which is a romantic holiday, in traditional feudal society, unmarried young girls are not permitted to go out freely except in holidays, during festival time they are allowed to go out with their companions, so the Lantern Festival produces a great chance of acquaintance for unmarried men and women, they could take advantage of this lantern sightseeing occasion to look out for their partners. And the lantern festival is also a good chance for lovers, which is one of hard-won occasions for them to arrange meetings too.

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Gift Ideas for the Coming Love Festival --- Valentine’s Day

In this sweet day, what’s the special gift you prepared for your love ones?

Valentine's day is the most important day of the year for lovers. Here you can find many ways to celebrate and share the Valentine's Day with the important one you cherished and this is a good chance to cement your relationship and secure it for the months to come.

There are so many ways to describe that intense emotion call love. Everybody has their own idea and explanation for love, like:

Delicious and Unique Valentine Chocolates

For many people, it just wouldn't be Valentine's Day without that box of chocolates. This year, don't just pick up a cheap box from the drug store, get something really special.

Along with traditional favorites, you may choose unusual flavors such as yield tea, tangerine or hibiscus, Earl Grey Tea, Love Potion #9, Port Wine, and Wicked Fun --- a spicy dark chocolate with chili pepper and cinnamon. Make sure you include a card with a long paragraph about how much your Valentine means to you.

Red Roses and Romantic Flowers

Red Roses are the traditional Valentine’s Day gift. They represent the love, passion and romance you have for your sweetheart. No gift says "I love you" on Valentine's Day like a bouquet of roses. Find out here where to order roses online in time for Valentine's Day arrival, what different colors of roses mean, and what to do with those rose petals when they wilt.

Send something completely unexpected like gold roses or a variety of Valentine's Day flowers and floral bouquets from various shops.

Personalized Sweetheart Jewelry

Redenvelope is a gift-giver's favorite site, as they're teeming with quality presents for everyone. I love their new twist on an old classic with the leather ID bracelet. It features double strands of pink leather and a sterling silver identification plaque. For guys, the gift jewelry that can be personalized with a nickname are great. If you don't have a pet name for him, something along the lines of "Mr. Big" or "World's Best Lover" should make most men smile. Order by 11 pm ET. Monday, February 9th.

Romantic Lucky Dice

No matter what you roll with these dice you'll be a winner; as these dice inspire closeness that only couples can share.

Getting lucky just got easier. Our set of pewter dice is inscribed with action words, body parts and parts of speech. Take turns rolling the dice and acting out the various commands such as "brush lips against back", this gift set includes one wild-card body part best left to the imagination.

Couples Love T-Shirts

From your heart to theirs, these cute and sexy couple t-shirts and gifts show love has no bounds.

"You are my superhero and I’m your lady-in-distress, I am captured by your love and enticed by your tenderness. You’ve shown me someone who can face the world and you’re not afraid to be real, and most of all I love the way you live life with zest and zeal!"

Looking for that perfect gift for your superhero? How about matching his and her t-shirts?

Kids, Moms and Sweethearts enjoy the sweet taste of valentine's Day, so brnig a smile to their face with unexpected goodies that say Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day is the day on which lovers express their love for each other by sending Valentine's gifts, cards, presenting flowers, jewelry or offering confectionery. The day is most closely associated with the mutual exchange of love notes in the form of "valentines."

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