Different Valentine Flowers and Chocolates, Different Meanings

In the West, the Valentine's day is the holiday for lovers. Valentine's Day is not only the best time to express love to their loved ones, but also a best chance to propose.

In customs of the
Valentine's Day, flowers and chocolates could not absent in the celebrating occasions. Well, you know there are something special and its special meanings?

As rose on behalf of love is well known, but do you know different colors and numbers of rose also stands for different intentions…?

Different Colors of Roses You Giving Away on the Valentine Day Indicates:

Red rose represents passions and true love;

Yellow rose represents treasure, blessing and jealousy, losing love;

Purple rose represents sacred fire and precious, uniqueness;
White rose represents pure and simplicity;
Black rose represents a tender heart;
Orange rose represents friendship and youthful beauty;
Blue rose represents plain characters and goodness.

Different Numbers of Roses You Giving Away Stand for…


0 rose --- I love you more than I can say!

One Rose --- ONLY YOU!
Two Roses --- Only you and me in world
Three Roses --- I LOVE YOU!
Four Roses --- I'll be loving you till my death
Five roses --- I appreciate you from the bottom of my heart!
Six Roses --- Mutually respect, love and forgive
Seven Roses --- You are my secret admirer
Eight Roses --- Thanks for your care, support and encouragement 
Nine Roses --- ALWAYS!
Ten Roses --- Perfect Love!
Eleven Roses --- You are my dearest, ONLY you!
Twelve Roses --- Every day I love you more and more!
Thirteen Roses --- Everlasting friendship!
Fourteen Roses --- You are my pride!
Fifteen Roses --- I'M SORRY!
Sixteen Roses --- Changeable Love!
Seventeen Roses --- Hopeless and irreparable Love!
Eighteen Roses --- Sincerity and Confession
Nineteen Roses --- Endurance and Expectations
Twenty Roses --- The only thing I own is a sincere heart!
Twenty-One Roses --- Sincerely Love
Twenty-Two Roses ---Good Luck!
Twenty-Five Roses --- I wish You Happiness!
Thirty Roses --- I believe we will come together
Thirty-Six Roses --- Romantic Love 
Forty Roses --- ——I Pledging My Love!
Fifty Roses --- Meet by chance!
Ninety-Nine Roses --- FOREVER!
One Hundred Roses---100% LOVE!
One Hundred and One Roses --- You are my best…best love
One Hundred and Eight Roses --- Propose!

Different Types of Chocolates You Giving Away On the Valentine’s Day Means…

Hazel Chocolates --- Loyalty

Nut Chocolates --- Lovely Girl

Liqueur Chocolates --- I’ll drunk with you

Milk Chocolates --- You are my sweetheart

* Other Valentine Flowers

Rosebush --- I beg your love

Starry Sky --- Enamored

Lily --- Love for all seasons

Sunflower --- I adore you

Albizzia Julibrissin Durazz --- Joyful

Marigold --- Fascination

Red Beans --- Lovesick

Dendrobium --- You are a willful beauty

Red Chrysanthemum --- You are my Love

Lilac --- Shyness

White Clove --- Miss me please

Tulip --- Love parable

Willow Twigs --- I AttachingYou

Wood Violet --- Longlasting Beauty

Calliopsis --- Wish you happy forever

Margarita --- Lover’s Love

Wish you good luck in the coming Valentine's day and love season!

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