Great Gift Ideas for Children - Hot and Popular Christmas Toy for 2008

In this article, we will provide you with some popular Christmas toy ideas that will help you hunt for 2008 hot Christmas toys.

Every year, the markets are flooded with different kinds of toys for Christmas. So, it becomes of prime importance to keep yourself updated, so as to make sure that whatever you are buying is in line with the trend. There were times, when kids were satisfied with any toy they got, but, today, they want the latest thing. They have become choosy about the toys also with which they are going to play. In the present times, it has become the most difficult task to convince kids into using something.

Now, pls Check out the following popular and hot Christmas toys for 2008.

1. Star Wars Toys

Star Wars is an epic science fantasy saga that has been revealed to the audience in the form of six movies. It was initially created by George Lucas and made a debut in 1977, with the last film being made in 2005. The animation movie 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars' came out in 2008. There will hardly be a child who is not a Star Wars fan and would not like to receive Star Wars toys as Christmas gift
, be it the video games, action figures or other toys.

2. Doll with a Musical Potty

If your child is still an infant, who does not understand anything about video games or Playstation, then a doll with a musical potty is just the toy that you can gift him for Christmas. The crying, potty-going doll made its debut in 1991 and its latest version comes with a flashing, musical potty. The first doll to boast of 'human functions', it is expected to be one of the hottest-selling toys for Christmas 2008.

3. High School Musical Toys

'High School Musical' is the name of a very popular American television series that was released, for the first time, in 2006. Its sequel - 'High School Musical 2' came out in 2007, while 2008 saw the 'High School Musical 3: Senior Year' hitting the screen. Today, High School Musical toys rank amongst the most popular toys for Christmas. Right from the dolls based on 'High School Musical' to the video game series, you will find everything in the market.

4. Sesame Street Toys

'Sesame Street' is the name of an American educational children's television series that premiered in 1969. The longest running children's program on American television, it has been shown in 120 countries till date. No wonder, the toys based on 'Sesame Street' characters retain one of the position amongst the top 10 Christmas toys for 2008. Amongst them, the most popular is Elmo Live, an all-singing, all-dancing version of the red puppet.

5. Ben 10 Toys

Ben 10 has wooed the kids of today. The hero of an American animated television series, by the name of 'Ben 10', he made his debut on Cartoon Network in December 2005 and still has children going ga-ga all over him. Omnitrix, a watch-like alien device that transforms Ben into the alien of his choice, is the most popular Ben 10 toy amongst children. Apart from that, there are Ben 10 action figures, games and cards.

6. Cupcake Maker Toys
This Christmas, introduce your child to the joy of baking. How? By giving him/her a Cupcake Maker as Christmas toy. It will serve as an educational toy, making your children learn about the basics of cooking, such as measuring and mixing. At the same time, the Cupcake Maker will let them have lots of fun, just as a toy should be, by letting them decorate their cupcakes with various types of accessories, giving their personal touch to each.

7. Nintendo DS Gaming Consoles

Another one of the popular gaming consoles by Nintendo, DS is a dual-screen handheld console. Built along a clamshell design, the console has two LCD screens on the inside. While the upper one is used as viewing screen, the lower one acts as a touch-screen. It was released in 2006, as a slimmer, brighter, and more lightweight version of the Nintendo DS. Its latest version - Nintendo DSi has been released in Japan and will be available in other countries by mid-2009.

8. Doll Toys

If the recipient of Christmas toys is your daughter, then rest assured that dolls never ever go out of fashion. Whether it is
Cinderella Barbie Doll, Baby Annabell Doll or Bedtime Lullaby Fifi Doll, dolls will always be amongst the best toys for your baby every year and that includes 2008 as well. Just make sure that you buy the latest model of the doll or the one that you Little Princess has been eyeing for a long time.

9. Bakugan Battle Brawlers Toys

'Bakugan Battle Brawlers' is a Japanese anime series that debuted on TV Tokyo in April 2007, on Teletoon in July 2007 and on Cartoon Network in February 2008. It revolves around a gang of children, called Battle Brawlers, who have the power to wield creatures known as Bakugan. Go ahead, buy a Bakugan game for your kid and see him beaming with happiness on Christmas.

10. Roary the Racing Car Toys

Children and cars have a long-term association and it was further strengthened by the debut of 'Roary the Racing Car', an animated children's television show. Set around a motor racing circuit, called Silver Hatch, the series showcases the adventures of Roary, a red, single-seater racing car, and his race car friends. From Roary the Racing Car Sliver Hatch Turbo Race Set to Roary the Racing Car 10 inch Bike with Sounds, the options before you are many.

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Top 10 Stupid Christmas Gifts, you never to send out

What’s a good gift idea for that she or he who really does have everything? Then how about an underwear repair kit or maybe a "Yes, We Can" of Barack Obama bottle opener?

The Stupid.com website in New York US, which unveiled its second annual list of the top 10 "stupidest" Christmas gifts for 2008 on Tuesday, and it claims that finding a truly stupid gift is an art form.

"2008 might have been a bad year for the economy, but it was a great year for stupidity," said Gary Apple, founder of Stupid.com. "Weird products seemed to come out of the woodwork this year. There were too much stupid articles that it’s difficult to choose from!"

Here is the list of 2008 top 10 stupid Christmas gift awarded by stupid.com (New York-based)

Top 1. Screaming Chicken

This rubber chicken doesn't squeak or squawk. It only screams. It maybe is the most annoying toy in the world.

Top 2. Christmas Tree Ornament for "Wealth Redistribution"

This tree ornament announces that the ornament that used to be there has been taken away and given to someone who needs it more. The Redistribution Christmas Ornament is talking people that you're making a fortune whether you want to or not.

Top 3. Mini Guitar Hero

This miniature version is originated from the megahit game ”Guitar Hero” in the USA, and it is barely 6-inches long, but it can still rock out various rocking music, and these songs mainly come from specials of Queen, Cheap Trick, Nirvana, and The Police Band.
Top 4. Potty Putter

Why waste time on the toilet, you may make use of it to exercise the fairway? Potty Putter contains everything you need for an exciting round of golf without leaving your seat, which including a putting green around the toilet, mini putter, flag stick and two golf balls.

Top 5. Mustard Flavor Gum Balls

These little green gum balls offer an intense explosion of mustard. It's strange that the candy is actually delicious.

Top 6. An Underwear Repair Kit for Men

In this hard time of economy, don not to throw away your old underwear but repair it yourself with this Underwear Repair Kit. This repair kit is portable, inexpensive, and in which anything you need won’t absent, and it can help you to get your undershorts back into presentable shape.

Top 7. Obama "Yes We Can" Bottle Opener

Each election will spawns some interesting things, but this time it bought the stupidest one. But to those Obama fans, the "Yes, We Can" bottle opener themed with Obama’s campaign slogan ”Yes, We Can” is certainly a treasure.

Top 8. "How To Tie A Tie" Tie

Still annoying with how to tie your tie? This fashion tie has a simple guide for how to tie that printed on the front. Just follow the six steps step-by-step and you'll look as dashing as George Clooney in seconds.
Top 9. 2009 Dog Poop Calendar

In this calendar each month page features a spectacular landscape or a breathtaking tableau, but somewhere in every shot there's a pile of dog poop. Distasteful? You bet it is, but the contrast between the beautiful picture and dog poop is remarkable.

Top 10. Alarm Clock with a Pole Dancer

At the alarm time set previous on the clock, dance music plays and disco lights flash. At the same time, a buxom dancer with blond hair gyrates around a pole under the spinning ballroom.

* Last year listed on the stupid Christmas gifts rank includes Hillary Clinton Cracker, Mother Teresa fresh spray, and portable party cupula with a suction kit attached to your forehead.

** Original address of this gift post: China Gift and Fine Arts & Crafts in China


Top 5 Best Sales Christmas Toys

Shopping for toys during Christmas is one of the most popular items shopped for. Consequently, shopping for toys can also be the most expensive task on your Christmas shopping list. As you know, there are many different Christmas sales on toys. Many stores are providing deals and special discounts that help you save some money.

Top 1. Elmo Live
Is it live or is it Elmo Live? For the first time ever, in this truly life-like creation, Elmo really appears to be speaking as his mouth opens and closes just like a muppet. His mannerisms are right on target and his head bobbles back and forth as he speaks. Elmo waves his arms, sits and stands, and even crosses his legs while telling stories and jokes, singing songs and playing games. Children can activate the magic with a tickle or a squeeze of Elmo’s foot, tummy, back or nose. Measures 12″ tall.

Top 2. Ultra-Realistic FurReal Pup

This ultra-realistic FurReal pup is the perfect first pet for any little girl or boy. Biscuit responds to you and obeys six different commands: sit, lie down, sit up, beg and speak. He’ll also give you a paw when you ask if he wants a treat. Biscuit’s soft, cuddly fur and puppy-dog eyes will instantly win you over. Sitting pup measures 21″ tall.
Top 3. Hasbro Dance Cam
Catch your moves on the tube! With this Playskool Dance Cam from Hasbro, children can be the star of their own show and see themselves dancing on the TV screen along with cute, animated characters. Friends can join in on the fun, too.

Simple to set up and provides hours of active, silly fun. Features three modes of play — dance along with animated characters, learn a cool move or freestyle with your tunes. Comes loaded with 20 favorite preschool songs.

Top 4. Bakugan Battlepack Teal and Red Set

This Bakugan Battle Pack from Spinmaster has small spheres that magnetically morph into powerful Bakugan warriors when they roll onto the real metal gate cards. Use strategy to place your metal gate cards effectively as each cards affects the battle differently. Then master you precision shooting skills to roll your Bakugan into battle and win.
Top 5. Hyper Dash Unit (Electronic Game)
It's the Hyper Dash Unit(electronic game) that's as fast as you are. Test your speed and agility in a race against time using five targets and an electronic handheld unit. To start, set up your targets on the table, around the room, around the house or throughout the yard. Then, follow the announcer’s commands as you zip around your racecourse to tag your targets with the handheld unit. The fastest time wins. Features four game modes that challenge your speed, skill, memory, coordination and teamwork. Includes ergonomically designed Hyper Dash unit and five labelled targets.

Any of the above top 5 best selling Christmas toys 2008 will make an awesome gift for your loved ones. And there just isn’t a better feeling all year than when we see our childrens' faces light up, and see their shrieks of joy and delight when they open up their gifts, is there? For me it has always been the best time of the year.

Best sale Christmas toys is a popular online search every year before Christmas, and Christmas 2008 is no exception. The reason being of course that these lists help busy moms and dads select toys that are guaranteed to fill their children with great joy when they open their gifts at Christmas.


Creative Christmas Gift Ideas for Her & Him

Tired of endless mall walking in search of a perfect Christmas gift that is nowhere to be found? Hate giving gift cards or gift certificates and cash just because it seems impossible to come up with anything better?

This holiday season, find unique ways to let the people in your life know that you care. Get creative, get personal and get fun; get a gift that will bring joy to her or him you love this Christmas.

Projects to Do and Make

Instead of toys that quickly lose their appeal, projects to make and do entertain during the process of creation and then become all the more special because they were made by the recipient. A craft set for making beaded jewelry, a T-shirt or canvas bag and special fabric crayons and pens for decorating, or a small set of wood working tools and pieces of cut wood can provide hours of entertainment. These gifts also often teach useful skills and encourage artistic abilities. Some kits can be purchased with the supplies and tools included. For a more personalized gift or to monitor the quality of the tools included a gift giver might choose the supplies and tools and pick a useful bag or box that could serve as storage later.

Homemade Items that Everyone Needs

Sometimes a gift item of a usable, consumable product with a personalized touch can be both affordable and appreciated. Children’s artwork can be scanned and made into calendars or greeting cards. Lip balm, bath salts, or bath oil can be made with items from the grocery and craft store. For kids simple recipes abound for play dough, homemade bath crayons, and homemade sidewalk chalk.

Since everyone needs to eat, ready-to-make meal mixes such as soup in a jar or muffin and bread mix can be great gifts as well. The gift of something useful need not be boring. It can be a playful twist on the usual or something a bit more extravagant than expected. But the element of usefulness ensures the gift will be appreciated rather than stored away.

Gift Tickets to Local Attractions, Museums or Performances

Gifts of tickets to local attractions, museums, or performances can encourage the appreciation of the arts. Families might appreciate an annual pass to a zoo or Children’s Museum near their home. Some performing arts centers offer packets of tickets to various events. Concerts or even movie theater tickets can be great gifts especially as families cut back on the entertainment budget and such attractions become a rare treat.

Instead of focusing on things to purchase, gifts that focus on activities can bring smiles and avoid both the shopping pitfalls and the return lines.Gifts that interest and give fun to the recipient need not be expensive or even purchased. With some planning and creative ideas, thought, smart gift givers can get through Christmas with some money left in their pocket.


Unique Mongolia Leather Painting IV --- How to Choose a Fine Quality Leather Painting?

There's never an arts and crafts like leather painting could bring the visitor such a remarkable view impact! And there’s no any other art form like leather painting could bring you elegance and dignity so easy, which could also be treasured up by you for ever. People will stunned with its beauty when people throw their first eye on it and could not help to exclaiming out ”What beautiful the leather painting is!". However, there’s something important you should know about, that is, how to choose a leather painting of fine quality?

A leather painting of high quality has following characteristics:
1st. Picture

The picture on the leather face is good and whole, and there’s no scratch marks on the painting, namely no scars on the painting face.

2nd. Embossment / Relievo

The relievo effect on the leather painting is beyond to as higher as it could reach, you should to check the relievo layers of the painting, and more embossment layers the painting has, the better level the leather painting belongs.

3rd. Tactile Impression

Put your hands on the face of leather painting, and thers is no sharp tactilities on a fine quality leather painting, although it feels unevern but it feel very smooth and no sharp touches.

4th. Colors

If the area of the water color painting is larger than that of the paste painting on the leather picture, that is a rather fine quality leather picture.

If the painting on the leather picture was drawn out by water color all, the leather picture will looked very dull and its brightness will inferior to a paste painting.

Presently most of the people in the world still knew little about leather painting, but as more and more people went to Inner Mongolia, China, and will knew more about leather painting, as well as become love it. The author hope those manufacturers of leather painting could pay more attention to the quality of leather painting and try best to improve it gradually, and do not to export shoddy leather paintings to the market, which could do nothing but be bound to ruin the prosperous prospects of leather painting.

Today, we are gratified much to see Mongolia leather paintings were recognized and loved by more and more people in China also in other countries of the world day by day, and no matter you choose leather painting as one of souvenirs for your tour or keep it as a gift for your relatives and friends, we all apprecitate it greatly!


Great Christmas Gift Ideas for Pet Lovers

It can be difficult to find a good and trustworthy dog walker, cat walker or dog sitter. But when a pet owner does find that perfect pet sitter or dog walker, many seek to give a nice holiday gift to their pet helper, though coming up with a good gift idea for a dog walker or pet sitter can be difficult.

Now check out following Christmas gift ideas for pet lovers include gift suggestions for every holiday shopper's budget:

Gift Card to a Local Pet Store

Most pet walkers and dog sitters have a dog, cat or other pet of their own. Find out if the dog walker or dog sitter has a pet at home. If so, one great gift idea that the pet sitter or dog walker is sure to love is a gift card to a local pet store.

A pet store gift card will appeal to virtually all dog sitters, cat sitters or dog walkers, since the gift card can be used to purchase something more practical like food or supplies, or the gift card can be used to purchase a fun pet novelty item, like dog clothing or a cute new pet bed.

A Gift Certificate to a Local Athletic Shoe Store

Dog walkers spend a lot of time on their feet and a great pair of shoes can make all the difference. A gift certificate to a local athletic shoe store will allow the dog sitter to pick out a great new pair of walking shoes that will make those daily dog walks more comfortable and more enjoyable.

A Gift Spa Certificate or A Gift Massage Certificate
Pet walking and pet sitting can be physically demanding, stressful and mentally exhausting at times. So give the cat sitter, dog walker, dog sitter or other pet sitter the gift of relaxation and pampering with a gift certificate to a local spa or masseuse for a massage. Women may enjoy a relaxing facial, while both men and women can enjoy a leg and foot massage or a back massage.

For pet owners who like this gift idea, but who are looking to spend a bit less on a gift for the dog sitter or pet walker, consider a gift from The Body Shop or Bath and Body Works. Most female dog walkers and pet sitters will enjoy a bath and body-themed gift set of bubble bath, bath oils, scented lotion and a candle - all the items that are needed for a relaxing bath after a long day of dog walking or pet sitting.

Handmade Pet Clothing

For pet owners who don't have a lot of money to spend on a gift for a dog walker or pet sitter, consider a handmade (or store-bought, for the less crafty folks) scarf, gloves, hat or sweater, to keep the dog walker warm during those winter dog walks.

There's even crafters who can turn dog or cat hair into yarn, that's then dyed and knitted into a scarf, sweater, etc. So those more eccentric dog owners can save the fur from those daily brushings and one day, there will be enough fur to create a knitted item like a hat, scarf or sweater. It's a unique gift idea that's literally "from the dog!"

Homemade Pet Treats or Baked Pet Foods

Another great inexpensive gift idea for a dog walker or pet sitter is Homemade Pet Treats or Baked Goods, why not? To bake some homemade dog treats or homemade cat treats for the dog sitter or pet walker's own dogs or cats. Homemade pet treats are a thoughtful gift idea that's inexpensive yet charming.

Most pet sitters and dog walkers have a pet or two (or ten) at home, but a few dog walkers and pet sitters work with animals because they don't have pets at home and their work provides them with an opportunity to enjoy the companionship of dogs, cats and other pets. For a dog walker, dog sitter or cat sitter who does not have a cat or dog at home, give the gift of some homemade holiday cookies that can be placed in a colorful tin. This homemade gift is simple and inexpensive, yet thoughtful.


Unique Mongolia Leather Painting III - Maintaining

Leather painting could not be cleaned by water, if there’s no blank space on the picture (that is, there’s no original color of the leather on the painting), you could use a piece of wet cloth to wiping it. If you want to make the surface of leather painting owned more gloss, you should use a dry cotton cloth wipe the picture back and forth, in this way the picture sheens could been improved.

Practical Tips:

A. Same as household cleaning, it’s ok to use a wet towel wiping the leather painting softly or sweeps dusts on it with a feather whisk on a regular basis.

B. If the painting surface was stained with blemishes inadvertently, you could use special leather detergent or household toothpaste to clean it.

C. Attention: Below actions should be forbidden strictly: Scratching or drawing the painting by edge tools; cleaning with gasoline; wiping under a high-temperature; soaking in corrosive solvents and/or water.


Pottery Art with A Long History V – The Tang Tri-Colored Pottery in China (down)

In the tomb of the great right-guard general of the Tang dynasty, a tri-colored pottery shaped in a camel carrying with music figures was unearthed. The camel stands with a perking head, whose whole body is brown yellow, and there are drooping long hairs in the head, neck, from the jaw to the belly, and in the fore parts of forelimbs’ up parts of the camel, it is soft and beautiful. On the back of the camel there is a flat board and on which coved with a blanket, and two figures sit on the flat board with back to back and played the musical instrument, and on the center of the flat board there’s a dancing figure. The tree music figures all have deep eyes, high noses and whiskers, they worn long green lepal clothes and white fur boots, and only the figure in the front wearing a yellow shoulder overcoat. This tall figure of ceramic camel carrying with music and dancing figures is so beautiful and amazing.

The origin places of the Tang tri-colored pottery are Xi’an city and Luoyang city, and Yangzhou city is the connection point between land and sea of the ancient Silk Road. And the main means of transportation on the ancient silk road is camel, so we can image that in the desert, is the camel shared the hard journey with people together, so there’s a sort of intimacy sense between human and camels, its tall body, persistent and burdened expressions moved us much, on whose face, you can even see vast windblown dusts in the ancient silk road.

The Tang tri-colored pottery is the essence of Tang pottery, which had attained its peak in the early and mid times of the Tang Dynasty. After the An Lushan-Shi Siming Rebellion, along with the gradual declination of the Tang Dynasty, and due to the rapid development of porcelain, the production of tri-colored pottery declined gradually too. Although later there appeared with similar styles tri-colored pottery such as "The Liao tri-colored pottery” and "the Kim tri-colored pottery”, but in terms of the quantity and quality of which, as well as the artistic quality, they are all inferior to the Tang tri-colored pottery.

As early as in the early times of Tang Dynasty, the Tang tri-colored pottery were exported abroad and loved by foreign peoples. This kind of multi-colored glaze pottery are famous in the world with its gorgeous colors, its bright and shiny luster, and its elegant, beautiful and exquisite designs, the Tang tri-colored pottery is a brilliant star in antique Chinese pottery.


2009 Beads Jewelry Fashion Trends Forecast

Foreword: In 2009 you’ll see more bright and natural colors in fashionable beads jewelry…

Spring of 2009 is right around the corner and there’s no better time to plan for the upcoming bead jewelry trends than right now, before the 2009 spring and summer seasons really begin! Predicting future fashion and jewelry trends is always a little bit of a game, but I’ve been reading a lot of fashion magazines, listening to my customers that visit my bead jewelry display table and generally talking to people about what they are looking for. There are some definite trends for 2009 and here are some of the things I’m hearing:

Colorful and Natural

I have seen some emphasis on "nature" influences which sometimes shows itself in the materials such as wood or stone beads use in jewelry, but I’ve also seen a lot more "flower" and "leaf" shaped beads and pendants on the scene. Any sort of botanical or organic looking jewelry pieces or beads are still popular from what I’ve seen. I don’t make much, but I’ve actually had people asked me if I have anything that has "natural warmth".

Big and Beautiful

It sounds like the days of dainty shiny pieces of metal jewelry are gone for the moment and the big and colorful gemstone jewelry and beads are still pretty hot right now. People are still asking for more “chunky” jewelry, sometimes with larger stones and crystals that catch the eye, sometimes with asymmetrical patterns or at least oddly cut beads and gemstones.

Cocktail Rings

If you're shopping, wearing or making rings, consider “rings with bling!” Cocktail rings are generally over-the-top diamond or gemstone rings that are overly colorful, shiny and, yes, sometimes a bit gaudy. But that’s part of the fun! These go along with the bright and bold bead jewelry you might be wearing and could even match or compliment it with similar gemstones or beads. You can make cocktail rings with gemstone beads, crystal beads or just about any other shiny materials.

Charms and Pendants

Again, going with the bold and bright bead jewelry, what stands out more than a beautiful chain that meets with a large bold diamond or gemstone charm or pendant on the end?
Modern Metals

Yes, natural and chunky are in, but there is still room for metals in beaded jewelry, especially when it is sleek and modern looking or even mixed with natural materials like wood and stone beads. There are always people who like the more “modern” beads and jewelry as opposed to the more traditional bead jewelry designs. You can buy modern beads for jewelry making or you can go for a more unique look and actually make
beads jewelry out of hardware washers!

Silver and Gold
Silver has been popular for the last few years and that will probably continue, but you’ll also see more gold and even two-tone chains and metals being used in both beads and jewelry pieces. Some of those silver and gold Trollbeads are excellent examples of mixed metals being used as a charm or pendant in bead jewelry pieces.

Faux Foreign Influence

I’m still seeing a lot of Asian and Moroccan influences in fashion, home furnishings and even jewelry. The influences don’t have to be completely genuine or "realistic" but that sense of something coming from a foreign country and past time are still popular. 

Even the big chain stores are catching this vibe and a lot of their house wares and jewelry give off that "Pier One" vaguely Indian or Eastern Orient vibe. When you’re creating bead jewelry necklaces or bracelets you could think about using dark wooden beads (natural) and mixing it with large metal Oriental looking coins and rings with a hole through the center to bring in the foreign feel!


You'll want to think about bright and bold, but remember that natural element! Neons and wild synthetic colors are not popular, but bright natural colors definitely are in, both in clothing and jewelry fashion. Once again, I have to turn to the color experts at Pantone who have picked out the trendy colors for 2009. Don’t forget to look at the 28 page Adobe Acrobat guide there! It’s fun and inspirational! I’m thinking about printing a few of the pages out and hanging them around my beading area for inspiration when I’m creating my jewelry.

Last, if you have seen any other bead jewelry trends for 2009 that I missed, pls don’t hesitate to let me know...