Great Gift Ideas for Children - Hot and Popular Christmas Toy for 2008

In this article, we will provide you with some popular Christmas toy ideas that will help you hunt for 2008 hot Christmas toys.

Every year, the markets are flooded with different kinds of toys for Christmas. So, it becomes of prime importance to keep yourself updated, so as to make sure that whatever you are buying is in line with the trend. There were times, when kids were satisfied with any toy they got, but, today, they want the latest thing. They have become choosy about the toys also with which they are going to play. In the present times, it has become the most difficult task to convince kids into using something.

Now, pls Check out the following popular and hot Christmas toys for 2008.

1. Star Wars Toys

Star Wars is an epic science fantasy saga that has been revealed to the audience in the form of six movies. It was initially created by George Lucas and made a debut in 1977, with the last film being made in 2005. The animation movie 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars' came out in 2008. There will hardly be a child who is not a Star Wars fan and would not like to receive Star Wars toys as Christmas gift
, be it the video games, action figures or other toys.

2. Doll with a Musical Potty

If your child is still an infant, who does not understand anything about video games or Playstation, then a doll with a musical potty is just the toy that you can gift him for Christmas. The crying, potty-going doll made its debut in 1991 and its latest version comes with a flashing, musical potty. The first doll to boast of 'human functions', it is expected to be one of the hottest-selling toys for Christmas 2008.

3. High School Musical Toys

'High School Musical' is the name of a very popular American television series that was released, for the first time, in 2006. Its sequel - 'High School Musical 2' came out in 2007, while 2008 saw the 'High School Musical 3: Senior Year' hitting the screen. Today, High School Musical toys rank amongst the most popular toys for Christmas. Right from the dolls based on 'High School Musical' to the video game series, you will find everything in the market.

4. Sesame Street Toys

'Sesame Street' is the name of an American educational children's television series that premiered in 1969. The longest running children's program on American television, it has been shown in 120 countries till date. No wonder, the toys based on 'Sesame Street' characters retain one of the position amongst the top 10 Christmas toys for 2008. Amongst them, the most popular is Elmo Live, an all-singing, all-dancing version of the red puppet.

5. Ben 10 Toys

Ben 10 has wooed the kids of today. The hero of an American animated television series, by the name of 'Ben 10', he made his debut on Cartoon Network in December 2005 and still has children going ga-ga all over him. Omnitrix, a watch-like alien device that transforms Ben into the alien of his choice, is the most popular Ben 10 toy amongst children. Apart from that, there are Ben 10 action figures, games and cards.

6. Cupcake Maker Toys
This Christmas, introduce your child to the joy of baking. How? By giving him/her a Cupcake Maker as Christmas toy. It will serve as an educational toy, making your children learn about the basics of cooking, such as measuring and mixing. At the same time, the Cupcake Maker will let them have lots of fun, just as a toy should be, by letting them decorate their cupcakes with various types of accessories, giving their personal touch to each.

7. Nintendo DS Gaming Consoles

Another one of the popular gaming consoles by Nintendo, DS is a dual-screen handheld console. Built along a clamshell design, the console has two LCD screens on the inside. While the upper one is used as viewing screen, the lower one acts as a touch-screen. It was released in 2006, as a slimmer, brighter, and more lightweight version of the Nintendo DS. Its latest version - Nintendo DSi has been released in Japan and will be available in other countries by mid-2009.

8. Doll Toys

If the recipient of Christmas toys is your daughter, then rest assured that dolls never ever go out of fashion. Whether it is
Cinderella Barbie Doll, Baby Annabell Doll or Bedtime Lullaby Fifi Doll, dolls will always be amongst the best toys for your baby every year and that includes 2008 as well. Just make sure that you buy the latest model of the doll or the one that you Little Princess has been eyeing for a long time.

9. Bakugan Battle Brawlers Toys

'Bakugan Battle Brawlers' is a Japanese anime series that debuted on TV Tokyo in April 2007, on Teletoon in July 2007 and on Cartoon Network in February 2008. It revolves around a gang of children, called Battle Brawlers, who have the power to wield creatures known as Bakugan. Go ahead, buy a Bakugan game for your kid and see him beaming with happiness on Christmas.

10. Roary the Racing Car Toys

Children and cars have a long-term association and it was further strengthened by the debut of 'Roary the Racing Car', an animated children's television show. Set around a motor racing circuit, called Silver Hatch, the series showcases the adventures of Roary, a red, single-seater racing car, and his race car friends. From Roary the Racing Car Sliver Hatch Turbo Race Set to Roary the Racing Car 10 inch Bike with Sounds, the options before you are many.

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