Happy Halloween!

The Candy King

There was a king who loved Halloween

He waited each year for this scary scene.

He sneaked out to hang on his door

Black bats and witches and spooks galore.

The midnight hour was his favorite time

With monsters covering snakes with slime.

As twelve o'clock chimed through the stars

He opened up his snickers bars.

The Cats and The Bats

The cats scare me and so do the bats

And both of them wear funny hats.

The bats hang upside down at night

They are a silly crazy sight.

The cats all like to hiss and fight.

They sit on the steps in the bright moonlight.

My favorite creature is a ghost

Because he's so spooky on a post.

Happy Halloween all my dear friends!:)

* Original address of this China gift post: Happy Halloween!

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