Introduction of 2010 China World Expo Pavilions X - German Pavilion

German Pavilion at 2010 Shanghai World Expo - Balancity

Theme: Balancity

National Pavilion Day: May 19

Pavilion Area: Around 6,000 Square Meters

Location: Within Zone C of the Expo Site

Pavilion Features:

The theme of the pavilion is "Balancity." It demonstrates the importance of balance between modernization and preservation, innovation and tradition, community and the individual, work and leisure, and between globalization and national identity. Visitors will gradually explore various places typical of a city -- a harbor, a factory, a garden, a park and a depot where exhibits and urban projects from Germany will be on show.

Highlight 1: Metal Sphere

The highlight of the pavilion is a cone-shaped structure housing a revolving metal sphere, three meters in diameter and covered with LEDs, which will be activated by the noise and movement of spectators.

Highlight 2: Virtual Narrators

Germany Pavilion's virtual narrators Jens and Yan Yan will guide visitors to tour the pavilion. According to the plot, Jens, a male mechanics student in a German university, met female Chinese architect student Yan Yan in China. During the following parts of the exhibition, Yan Yan went to German and Jens introduced his lifestyle and the country to her. Visitor will follow the tour of the "narrators" to complete the visit of the pavilion.

Highlight 3: Performance

Visitors will be able to experience the youth culture of Germany. The hip-hop culture is so vigorous that it has gone beyond the national and language barriers, spreading around the world and coming into the Germany Pavilion. Visitors will see the street dance, and a type of "graffiti art" based on the urban culture.Another great show is the vocal percussion, relying on nothing but artists' mouths and microphones in creating wonderful rhythms.

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