China's 'Barbie' - Fisimi

China's 'Barbie' - Fisimi

Chinese Name:
Fu Xi Mei

English name: Fisimi

Fisimi is origin from English ‘fifty-six’ and the first two letters of Chinese pinyin ‘minzu’, which means China’s 56 nationalities.

"Fu Xi Mei" is the Chinese connotations of Fisimi, they are beautiful emissaries to convey blessings and share good luck.

China's has 56 nationalities, and each nation has its unique culture and charm, the magnificent cultural heritage shall be shared by all mankind. At all times, the world is excavating the Chinese element and ethnic culture themes, but only a few of Chinese ethnic names were mentioned in the world. Culture owned by the 56 Chinese nationalities is one of the most wonderful group cultures, Fisimi national culture series collection with affinity of Fisimi in black hair, share the diverse cultural treasures with a long history existed in China’s five thousands years with the whole world.

Fisimi collections are all handmade by minority artists, accessories are all classic national apparels made through hundreds of pieces, as well as hundreds of working procedures, and the craftsmanship such as mixed color combination involved in the production process is extremely difficult. And The variety of national boots wore by Fisimis itself has very complex craftwork, especially they were be made into a coin size, which is a type of craftsmanship with more highly difficulty, measure the special beauty within one inch, itself is a artwork. So each Fisimi is sold for a very expensive price, the retail price for each Fisimi is about 1,000 – 3,000 YUAN RMB.

Fisimi series national culture collections, with a blueprint of China's 56 ethnic groups, there are six patterns initially as following:

Fisimi of Han Nationality (Sold for RMB 2199)

Fisimi of Tibetan Nationality (Sold for RMB 2999)

Fisimi of Zhuang Nationality (Sold for RMB 1199)

Fisimi of Korean Nationality (Sold for RMB 1588)

Fisimi of Tujia Nationality (Sold for RMB 1688)

Fisimi of Naxi Minority (Sold for RMB 2199)

So far, there are 30 Fisimis have been produced, which are represent 30 different ethnic groups of China, and the other 26 pieces will come out in sequence in the next three years.

In addition to this series, other series of Fisimi is also in schedule, for example, bride, flight attendants and other different status of Limited edition Fisimi series.

Fisimi of Educated Youth

Initially Fisimi were used faces of Chinese girls as the design prototype by European team, whose hair were all imported from Japan, eyes are all made by blown process artificially and imported from Germany. The production team said that it represented the inclusiveness of the Chinese culture, and the same time ensured the perfect tiptop level of Fisimi.

I believe Fisimi will become an ambassador of Chinese culture, pass on Chinese history and culture to the whole world, as well as act as a bridge between China and other countries.

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