The Best Christmas Gift for Men: Do not Let Him Accompany you During Shopping

Did you know that Christmas shopping is even worse for our health than we previously thought?

Perhaps it's the added stress this year - and the thought ofour credit cards being refused at the tills --- but, according to aninternet retail survey, the incidence of hypertension during thefestive shopping season is on the up.

Christmas shopping increased blood pressure to dangerous levels in 50 percent of shoppers. This can lead to hypertension, which can increase the risk of heart disease, stroke and kidney problems. Even low levels of hypertension are linked with migraines, panic attacks and osteoporosis. Heart rates increased by an average of 10 percent during Christmas shopping.

In the study of 16 men and 16 women, men had the worst spikes in heart rate during a 90-minute spree.

Samuel Thompson, 30 years old:" I had to buy five items and had an hour and a half to buy them. No fun no sweet--or so I thought."

"Normally, I know exactly what I want to get and do it as quick as possible. But in this test you were demand to make on-the-spot decisions, which makes it more stressful."

"Lack of time and the crowds were the biggest pressure points. I got frustrated by other people slowing me down by stopping to chat in the street. And I could feel myself sweating in queues. Everything took longer than planned."

Dr Turner's verdict:" Sam's heart rate was good at the start but it had almost doubled by the end. Combined with his hiked systolic blood pressure--up by nearly 15 per cent--it could put him in line for stroke. Systolic blood pressure relates to the pumping out of blood by the heart."

Men suffer twice as much as women, apparently, and are,therefore, in greater danger of dying on the High Street in the coming weeks.

Remember, a husband is for life and not just for Christmas.

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valentines day gifts for men said...

I think that this list was a very typical list of gifts that a man would ask for. The funny thing about your opening paragraph is that the man I love always tells us what he wants for a gift, regardless of the price! lol Maybe he is just not typical!