Time-Honored Chinese Paper Cutting Art (II)

Chinese paper-cut work: Fu

Paper-cut is a type of cutting art, as well as the most popular folk art in China, paper-cut can give people visual space through feelings and artistic enjoyment, whose carrier can be paper, gold foil, bark, leaves, cloth, skin, leather and other sheet-like materials.

Chinese paper-cut work: Have a surplus every year

* History of Chinese pape-cut: The folk paper-cut handicraft in China has its own process of formation and development, the great invention of paper in China was finished in the Western Han Dynasty in the BC era (6th century BC), before this time there is no base for the production of paper-cut art, but at that time people applied with flake materials, and through carving techniques to make handicrafts, but these art forms has been popular before the invention of paper, namely at that time with techniques of carving, engraving, picking and cutting people were able to applied to cut patterns on gold foils, leather, silk fabric and even in leaves…

Chinese paper-cut work: Cattle

The earliest China's artwork of paper-cut are two anthocephalus flower paper-cuts, which were discovered by Chinese archaeologists in tombs of ancient north Astana near Gaochang ruins in China Xinjiang Turpan Basin in 1967, these two paper-cuts are both made of linen paper, and all are folded fete paper-cuts, and the discovery has provided practical evidence for the formation of Chinese paper-cut.

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