Special Props of the Doll's Festival in Japan

Cavin: Have you ever been to Japan?

Kathy: Yeah, it impressed me a lot , especially their traditional culture.

Cavin: That makes two of us. The Janpanese always attach weight to their traditional culture.

Kathy: Doll’s Festival is interesting, I think.

Cavin: Doll’s Festival is on 3rd, March.

Kathy: Girls dress up in their glorious clothes, and the dolls are showed up.

Cavin: The dolls symbolize that children may keep out of disasters and bad lucks,growing up happily.

Kathy:Maybe a kind of blessings.

Cavin:The dolls are taken up when the festival passed.

Kathy: My friends in Janpan also gave me one, so lovely.

* About the Japanese Doll's Festival

The Doll's Festival in Japanese is called "Hina Matsuri", this fun holiday is more commonly known as Girls Day and is celebrated every March 3rd.

Girls throughout Japan display their doll collections for a few days to celebrate "Hina Matsuri." One legend says if a girl displays her dolls for more than 3 days she will marry later in life.

In the weeks before Hina Matsuri you will begin to see displays of dolls in stores all over Okinawa. You'll see small and large displays exhibited with tiny furniture and other items. The dolls, called hina ningyo, vary in size and price. They are exhibited on one-, five- or seven-tiered display stands.

Traditionally, two dolls representing the emperor and empress are positioned on the top level of the display stand which is draped in red cloth. These dolls are called Dairi-sama. They are attired in the traditional court costumes of ancient Japan. Around them are small pieces of furniture representing items found in the ancient imperial palace. Members of the royal entourage are arranged on the lower levels of the large stands.

* Words of the editor:
Now, do you know what's the special prop of the doll's festival in Japan? is hat interesting a lot? hehe, wish you have a good day!

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