Unique Mongolia Leather Painting II - Art Characteristics

The creative inspiration of leather painting is comes from the ancient and vast grasslands. People in grassland who has grazed cattle and sheep from generation to generation have created a large number of exquisite and valuable works of art. The drawing paper of leather painting is a whole piece of cow leather, which was made out through traditional craft technics, then paint the picture on the leather.

Mongolia leather picture, made of selected natural high-quality cow leather from grasslands, through a series of processing of special drawing, coloring up, layer dying, polishing, setting, and half-raised pressing of concave-convex and so on, in which there are dozens of technique procedures and the painting was handmade purely. Having maken full use of the advantages of smooth lines of natural leather and featured with unique describing techniques, strong sense of three-dimension and mild colors and so on, Mongolia leather painting bring people a brand new enjoyment of art.

Compared with ordinary paintings, leather painting has the following characteristics:
1. Colorful
The color of genuine leather before dying is light yellow, sometimes they taken on a little red, and in the process of variegation the special fusing attribute with paints of genuine leather itself make its original color become more bright and vivid.

2. Vivid

The 3D framed picture on the leather surface through carving with the lines of picture pattern produced special effects of relievo, and the picture face will floating with the contents needs, matching with gorgeous colors, thus make the design figure on the leather painting vivid and lifelike.

3. Outstanding Texture

The material of leather painting is fine selected high quality cow leather – a piece of whole leather (with no hierarchic arrangement), the leather quality is soft and delicate, with mild colors and the texture of which is unparalleled.

4. Noble and Elegant

As one kind of best interior decoration, the solid leather painting could manifest the owner’s noble characters and his great artistic tastes.

The prairie flavors and styles concentrated in the painting will bring you full-bodied feelings of grassland when you appreciating with it. Put a piece of leather painting in your house, with which could show your nobility and tastes to your guests well.

5. Particular National Technics and Characteristics

Leather painting is one kind of art forms that mixed the Mongolian folk culture with its special traditional crafts, with a long history, whose craftwork and art form has been inherited and improved though several generations, it fully embodied the art essence and cultural connotation of the Mongolia nation, has high values for art appreciation and collection.

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