The Top 10 Welcomed Christmas Gifts for Lovers

With the communication and blending of Chinese and Western cultures, "Christmas" – the major holiday in Western countries also have entered into Chinese people’s life and become more and more popular in China. So what’s a suitable Christmas present to give away has also turned into an annual trouble. In China, couples of lovers are the main stream who inclined to enjoy annual Christmas holiday, with ulterior motives to deepen the love of each other, then as same as other important holidays in China, the Christmas was treated as Valentine's Day by numerous lovers.

It's a God's truth for lovers that they will not let any opportunities of expressing love away, then this year many dear diaisticate girls has throw out the task to their boyfriends early ”what Christmas gift you to give me? and I will not accept ordinaries”. So the boyfriend has to rack his brains to search a Christmas gift which is uncommon for his lover. At same time, as the girlfriend you should to take care of your boyfriend too, and you should not consider yourself merely, it’s time to take consideration for what Christmas gift is your boyfriend’s favorite. It seems there are not only sweets in love, but also some small happily tortures in it.

Without further ado, let’s talk about the top 10 Christmas gifts welcomed by lovers. The common features of these Christmas presents are DIY, unique personality thus to cater for her or his feelings of been respected and cherished monopoly by you. Certainly we also have taken the popularity of the presents into account, and the prices of these recommended gifts are all less than one hundred Yuan. Those gifts that priced for several hundreds or more than one thousand Yuan are not involved in our recommendation scope, you could find them everywhere. As they are all cheap, so you can consider a variety of selection, and a well-chosen assortment is just a real bump!

1st. Personalized DIY Doll.

To make a doll imaged with her or his figure, and on which to highlight her or his characteristics and clothing. When your love saw this special article, and listened to you talking about the hard process of the doll manufacturing, she or he will be bound to be moved much. Ceramic, glass, and so on materials are all good choices.

2nd. Pajamas

Pajamas is just one kind of universal gifts. Because it’s unnecessary to consider too much for the size when you are to choose a pajamas as a present, unlike an outerwear which always requires for a particular size, it will be ok as long as the size of which is tolerable. Moreover, the pajamas is one kind of underclothes and it could let your lover think of you when she or he is go to sleep.
3rd. Silk Scarf

Silk scarf is the best embellishment in the winter. It could always match you’re your lover’s clothing, and make your winter full of warmth.

4th. Fuwa

The mascot of 2008 Olympics Fuwa are very cute, if your lover is a lively girl, I guess she will be bound to favorite with these lovely four dolls, and you should to select the largest stuffed set that made of plush, oh, it maybe spent your more, ok, also you can choose only one of them. Fuwa are produced by Chinese people who had taken a great deal of efforts into, so it certainly will be meaningful.
5th. Bracelet
A beautiful bracelet, and it is best a bracelet made of two chains which are closely entangled with each other. Send it to your girl, and she can wear it everyday, when she see the beautiful bracelet, she will think of her sweet lover. I think it’s a good choice that could make her eyes brighten the joy produced could be lasting long.
6th. Blessing Note in Love Wall
Go to the Love Wall and spend ¥10 make a blessing note for her/him, and write your sweet pledges for your thick and faithful love on it, The love note in the Love Wall could be stayed on permanently and it is a good witness for your love, and after 10 or 8 years passed, you two could back and have a look at it, doesn’t it are full of memories and significant?

7th. Stationery

Send a fine stationery gift to your boyfriend: A high-level notebook with packing costs about $16, and a high level gel pen with packing costs about $12, a pen $25, attached with a simple greeting card shall costs about $2-5.

8th. Health Food

If you want give away health foods as this year’s Christmas gift, you could send men AngLi LP (About $90), and send women pearl powder(about $60-70), nutrition wine (about $100) for elders, and children will more enjoyed with a large box of Denmark cookies. Nowadays giving away health foods is always a right idea, because nowadays most of peoples are all pay attention to their health!

9th. MP3 or a Recording Pen

You should make it through what is her like before sending out your Christmas gift, you could see about what she said, and the girls sometimes will implied, intentional or not. Put the songs she or he liked or your special words of blessing in the machine and play them out on the spot.

10th. Romantic Dinner

Taking a dinner in McDonald, KFC or a western restaurant who branded with steaks with her, especially a steak set course, it only costs about $30 per set and in which there are red wine, steaks and bread, but also in most occasions there’s an extra Christmas gift ready for you, and the romantic moods in dinner will certainly improve the loves between yours.

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