Personalize Your Gift Card with Heart

Gift cards are no more than just gifts and no longer considered the impersonal and lazy way to celebrate a special occasion or holiday, meaning gift giving has never been easier, it's the new way to reduce the rising cost of living!

Buying gift cards at a discount is almost like buying cash at a discount. Consumers are realizing that it's now more than just about giving - it's about saving. Customers who purchase gift cards from us and then use them as the method of payment at their favorite merchants are significantly reducing their shopping expenses. it's the new trend on how to fight the rising cost of living.

If you've ever had an awkward gift giving moment, or have had to fake your enthusiasm over a gift from a caring, thoughtful person in your life because the chosen item just wasn't anything you had a use for, you'll understand the benefits below of a gift card.

1.Perfect for business incentive programs and employee bonuses.

2.Personalized gift cards can be ordered online.

3.The prepaid Visa Card is accepted anywhere.

4.Available in any amout you want.

5.No fee to view a transaction history online.

Personal Shopping Spree

Gift cards are available from many businesses, specialty stores, as well as gift cards through nationally known credit card companies that can be used anywhere that accepts that credit card. Though it might seem more personal to buy a gift card or gift certificate for a special business, you are limiting the redeemable options.

- No boundaries on purchases. The recipients can buy whatever they want, wherever they want.

- No longer associated with lazy or thoughtless giving, a gift card can be seen as a personal shopping spree given by you. Some of the benefits are

- No duplication of gifts that have to be returned

- The card can be used along with cash for a purchase that the recipient has always wanted but found too extravagant to buy.

- The recipients receive exactly what they've wanted.

- Safely redeemed in stores or online. The gift card is only good for the amount specified, and cannot give access to personal accounts.

How to Personalize Pre-Paid Gift Cards

If you feel your gift card somehow lacks the personal touch, personalize a greeting card and tuck the gift card in the envelope. Some gift ideas:

* A Romantic Dinner for My Favorite Busy Couple

The gift card lets your friends choose the restaurant they like versus a gift certificate from the restaurant you choose. They even have the option of using the gift card for take-out and flowers, if they have an opportunity for a romantic dinner at home.

* For Your Next Wine-Tasting Tour

The personalization shows you've thought out your gift, but the card can be used not only for wine, but gas to get to the vineyard, dinner on the road, or even a special clothing accessory for the excursion.

* For Whatever Santa (the tooth fairy, Easter Bunny, etc.) Forgot to Bring

Perfect for a grandchild, niece, nephew or the neighbors child who you will not be able to spend the occasion with. The first gift is the gift card, the second gift is being able to choose and buy their own present.

* For my Favorite Shopper, A Post Holiday Sale Shopping Spree

Your gift dollars will go farther when the recipient is able to scour the after holiday bargain tables.

Gift Card Hazards

Gift cards, depending on point of purchase, can have expiration dates, non-use penalties, lost or stolen card replacement fees or other administration fees.

Before you buy, check on the state laws that pertain to your purchase. Gift cards and Gift certificates Legislation by state can be found at the National Conference of State Legislatures Website.

With the economic downturn, some of the recipients of gift cards will find they need to use them for everyday purchases. Isn't it wonderful to think that you have made their life easier with your gift, without bringing attention to their personal circumstances?

Give the gift of motivation. With a special personized gift card, you can provide your employees, parents or teachers with all the incentive and reward of cash, backed by the security and acceptance of the Visa name.

Useful Tips for Buying a Gift Card

Buying a store gift card is pretty easy. You simply pick the retailer and buy the card in the store or over the phone. Or you can buy an e-gift card online that’s e-mailed to you or your little nephew and can be used online or in stores. But there are a few issues you should consider before committing to a store card, which we’ll describe below.

Buying a bank-issued gift card requires a little more research. Terms and conditions vary widely, and information about these gift cards isn’t always easy to find. Be sure to confirm anything you’re told over the phone with information at the bank’s website. While you’re at the bank’s site, read over the frequently asked questions/FAQ section.

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