Love with Crystal V – How to Identify True and False Crystal?

(1) Through Eyes:

In the forming process of natural crystal, they often have been impacted by the environment and contained a few impurities, in which when viewing in the sun we can see a touch of small and symmetrical across strips and catkin shape materials, while false crystal jewelry are generally smelted by defective quartz and glass residues, and produced through a polishing and colored up process, so in which there are no symmetrical across strips and either catkin shape materials.

(2) Licking with Tongue:

Even if in the hot dog days of summer, licking the face of natural crystal with your tongues, you can feel the cold and cool feelings, while there no such feelings about false crystals.

(3) Method of illumination:

View natural crystals erected in the sun, you can see their beautiful sheens and luster regardless of which point of view, while false crystals are incapable of.

(4) Hardness:

The hardness of natural crystal is excellent, there will no marks left on if you use a gravel scratched on it gently, if streaks were left on, it must be a fake.

(5) Checking with a Polarizer:

Showing value variations when rotated by 360-degree under a polarizer are natural crystals, while showing no changes are false pieces.

(6) Two-Color Checking:

Natural amethyst has two colors, while false amethysts have no.

(7) Checking with a Magnifying Glass:

Checking the crystal with a 10-times magnifying glass, in which if bubbles could be found, it can be judged basically as a false one.

(8) Checking with Hairs:

Putting the crystal jewelry on a hair, in which if a double shadow of the hair could be seen through your naked eyes, the crystal can be judged as a true one for natural crystal embodies with the character of birefringence namely double refraction.

(9) Detecting by a Thermal Conductivity Analyzer:

When checking the natural crystal with a thermal conductivity analyzer regulated to its green 4, the instrument’s indicative frame will rise to the yellow 2, while using it to detect false ones there won't show any rising. When the detecting area of the checked natural crystal added, the analyzer's indicative degree will rise to yellow 1.

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