Love with Crystal III --- Find Your Perfect-Match in the Assortment of Crystal Jewelry

* Imitated Antique Crystal Jewelry in Rich Luxurious Style

Suitable Occasion: Dress-up Banquets

Suited Fit: Suitable to wear with a single-colored dress of smooth and glinting fabric. The design of crystal jewelry will make you brilliant and outstanding much in a black cloud of black dresses. The crystal necklace worn on your neck made of square and round crystal beads, and these large and small crystal beads embedded in an antique silver metal base, is so elegant and classic just like a crystal chandelier in an ancient palace.


1. For its characters that grand too much, this type of crystal jewelry is only suitable for wearing on large-scale banquets, and to which the suited apparel also calls for an evening dress with excellent quality and simple style.

2. The piece of crystal jewelry could be color clasped in a small area with the evening dress.

3. As Chinese women are generally smaller and more slender in the body, so if you choose to wear a piece of gorgeous jewelry of crystal in a variety of colors, it’s best to focus only one point on the body, for example, between the earring and necklace, select only one. If you choose a finger ring or a bracelet, you’d better to remember that the color of which should be same with the crystal you wearing over the shoulder.

* Crystal Jewelry in Elegant Style

Suitable Occasion: Dinner or Meetings with Colleagues

Suited Fit: Wear this piece of crystal jewelry with your coat in the color of light beige. For gentle ladies, banquets are too grand to them, they does not enjoy for those resplendent crystal chandeliers, and will feel uncomfortable in the spouts on the party, while to have a dinner with her colleagues, which is more freely and casual, is a chance cherished to relax themselves. So in this year you should choose a piece of crystal jewelry instead of a traditional pearl necklace to fit your clothing that simple and light-colored.


1. As casual and comfort cardigans and high-collar sweaters are most familiar in this season’s gatherings between you and your colleagues and friends, so it’s most general to choose a piece of crystal necklace or a pair of crystal earrings to match your clothing.

2. As to the design of cartoon style, a piece of crystal jewelry with a more feminine design is more suited for you. Since as a finest lady you are bound to show your ladylike manners and elegance, so it’s an inadvisable choice for a piece of lovely style jewelry, and it’s far better to choose a flower pattern jewelry which looked more feminine.

3.Not to choose a piece of jewelry that is designed too exaggerated. After all, colleagues are not your close lady friends, in front of who you should keep your ladylike manners as a real lady, so it’s best to choose jewelries that more moderate, while an over-exaggerated jewelry will do nothing but to break your integral beauty.

4. Being away from those jewelries with garish colors.

As a lady you need elegant and gentle temperaments, whether to choose your clothing or the jewelries fitted with, it’s best to choose a single-colored or light-colored clothing, which could bring tranquil feelings to peoples around you, so, when to choose a piece of crystal jewelry that matched with your lady manners, you should avoid choosing jewelry with strong contrasted colors .

* Crystal Jewelry in Exaggerate Style

Suitable Occasion: Crazy Parties

Suited Fit: Wear with colorful and gorgeous clothing. Such as a tight T-shirt in bright red, or a piece of half-shoulder bared design clothing, are both right choices.


1. In recent years, many jewelry brands all went to great length to promote their golden or dark line crystal jewelries, you may take upon yourself to try these jewelries with deeper colors, even to match with clothing in black and white, it could display the unruly but moderate characters you own fully, it is the main color that just represents "Man Show".

2. The field of crystal fashion accessories has been focused on all along in recent years, it is valuable and a good chance for you to use these sparkling crystal ornaments to display yourself properly. The only thing you should remember is to choose relaxed and leisure style clothing to fit with the crystal jewelry in such a style, only in this way you could perform your alternative features fully and perfectly.

* Crystal Jewelry in Delicate and Lovely Style

Suitable Occasion: Sweet Dates

Suited Fit: Wear with clothing with high chest lines and puff sleeves, especially those skirts set with laces or bows, all these adornments are featured elements that go well with girls who are gentle and cute.


1. Crystal jewelries with fresh and clean colors such as sky blue, fruit green or light pink, which are very sweet and beautiful, are right choices when you are going to date with your lover.

2. Designs of cartoon style, heart-shaped pendants or earrings in small flower patterns are right choices that worth for consideration, to choose a brooch in flower shape to break through traditions occasionally is also a smart decision.

3. When the necklaces, earrings we worn become humdrum someway, we may turn to consider crystal ornaments, clever and cute as you, it’s to smart to place some crystal hairpins or hair ornaments in your hair (whether straight or curly), which could bring you more charms.

4. As the fresh and pink makeup styles are so popular in this winter, combined with pink crystal ornaments, a cute lady’s loveliness and purity thus to be displayed fully and extremely, so you has become so attractive that it’s difficult to escape the sights focusing of peoples around you.

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