"Funiu LeLe" – The Mascot of Beijing 2008 Summer Paralympics

"Funiu” LeLe is the mascot of Beijing 2008 Summer Paralympics. Same as the “Fuwa”, it designed by Professor Wu Guanying of Academy of Fine Arts in Tsinghua University too, and was born in Spe.6, 2006.

"Funiu” LeLe represents spirits of tenacity, optimism and obscurity, but also has connotations of soothing soul and favorable weather. It represents the white color in Olympic flag.

Inspiration Origin

The figure of "Niu" (as cattle in English) was created from the inspiration of the ancient farming culture, as one of mankind's oldest friends, cattle is down-to-earth, diligent, persistent and never giving up. Cattle's good image contains handicapped athletes' precious spirits of tenacious and hard struggles, which is corresponded with the Paralympic athletes' characters of try best to make progress all through, also is followed with the Beijing Paralympic Games' idea "Beyond, Integration, Sharing".

As simple, optimistic, diligent as cattle, it reflects a sort of positive attitude toward life. Olympic Games calls for a positive and progressive philosophy of life, Paralympics calls more for peoples has physical obstacles could enjoyed the right of taking games in stadiums same as healthy peoples, and could carried this spirit to his daily life too, try to do a stronger in life, and make contributions to the society’s progress.

Image Spirits Reading

Cattle is one kind of animal that is closest with human, she is friendly, meekly and very amiable. Cattle always worked hard for people with no complaints. In the long course of world civilization, the rural eclogues are people's yearns and praises for a harmonious life, so cattle's images were appeared broadly in literary and artistic works which depicts natural, leisurely and poetic rustic life, that reflected people's longing and hopes for harmony relations between human and nature, also reflected "Green Olympics, People's Olympics" - the idea of Beijing Olympics. In addition, in traditional Chinese culture, cattle also contained meanings of praying for favorable weather, bumper harvest, peace and smooth souls.

The image of cattle has been widely recognized in the international community, cattle is one of the first animal people performed, for example, cattle images are both appeared in France La Sike murals and in Spain Altamira's rock paintings. With a positive image, cattle has gained a wide approbation in the international community. To choose an animal image that is most familiar to human as Paralympic Games’ mascot, that is kind of creative and is different from traditional considering which apt to select a rare animal as a mascot image.

The design plan of "FuNiu Lele" absorbed Chinese civil prints, New-Year pictures and toys modeling and design style, also combined with characteristics of the modern cartoon figures, embodies the traditional ethnic style, is a perfect combination of the times and the public tastes and flavors,.

"FuNiu Lele" will together with the five Olympic Fuwas to bear the Chinese rich cultural heritage and the Chinese people's pursuit to the Olympic spirits. They will together to convey the message "One World, One Dream" to the whole world, and together promised to the world that "Two Olympic Games, Same Wonderful", they will carry passions and joys, health and wisdom, good luck and prosperity to all places of the world. They have issued an invitation to the world - Beijing welcomes you to share our Olympic Days together.

Recognition and Praises

As highly combined the idea of Paralympic Games with the image spirituality, the image of cattle won a lot of praises. On August 28, 2006, the Committee of International Paralympics reviewed and approved "FuNiu Lele" to act as the mascot of Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games. Image-View specialists of the Committee of International Olympics and the Committee of International Paralympics all highly appraised the image design, they thought it embodies the spirits of the Olympics and the ideas of Paralympics, has strong affinity, and will be recognized and loved by the people all around the world.

Broader Design Extending and Market Developping Spaces

The image design of "Funiu LeLe" is followed a principle of stability. The basic image design is suitable for sports projects' modeling, and is fit for the assortments of Paralympics souvenirs, it also suitable for plush, plastic and other materials' development. The production pf mascot souvenirs can use one single material, can also use different materials and relating to the image features in the production.

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