Special Reports: Reading The Slogan and The Emblem of Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games

Today, 10:30, Beijing Paralympic Games flame fire collection ceremony celebrated in Qilian palace of the Temple of Heaven, prior to a huge background of "Auspicious Clouds".

Refer to the Olympic flame collection style, the Paralympic flame will be fired with a concave mirror to concentrate the light, that also implicates the flame fire is come from the Sun.

Reading The Slogan of Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games

"One World, One Dream", which embodies the essence of the paralympic spirit and its universal sense of value - unity, friendship, progress, harmony, participation and dreams, to express that people all over the world impelled by spirit of the Paralympic spirit have a common aspiration to pursue a better future. Despite of different colors, different languages, different races, we could share the Paralympic charms and joys together, pursue the ideal of world peace in common, we belong to one world, we have the same hopes and dreams.

"One World, One Dream", which profoundly reflect the core philosophy of the Beijing Olympic Games, that is "Green Olympics, Hi-tech Olympics and People's Olympics". It also embodies a harmony value system of People's Olympics". To build a harmonious society and realize the harmonious development is our dream and aspiration. "Nature and Man in One" and "Harmony is most precious pace is to be cherished" are Chinese people's ideas and aspirations since ancient times for relations between people and nature, also people and people. We believe that peace and progress, harmonious development, to live in harmony and win-win cooperation, has a harmony life is the common ideal of the world.

Reading The Emblem of Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games

Based on the concept of "Heaven, Earth, People all in One", The emblem of Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games integrates the Chinese language, calligraphy and the spirit of the paralympics in a whole, that embodies Chinese traditional culture and the spirit of the modern Olympics, also embodies the spirit of the paraolympics as "Mental, Body, Spirit in One", has a profound deposits of traditional Chinese culture.

The graphic part of the emblem was composed with Chinese word "Zhi" shape in three color - red, blue, green, puts up a sports human figure with a kind calligraphy stoke, as if a gymnast who is acting a forward leap, also as an athlete who is act air rotating on a pommel horse, also embodies the concept of sports. The word "Zhi" contains meanings of "birth, meaning and arriving", it's twist style indicates a meaning that human will finally achieved success after undergoing a series of unfortunate events.

Colors used by the emblem as red, indicates the sun; deep blue, indicates the blue sky; green, indicates the earth. Three strokes in three kinds of color composed together as a human figure in sport, namely as "Heaven, Earth and Human", embodies the idea of "Nature and Human in One" in traditional Chinese culture, expressed the modern scientific concept of development, the pursuit of sports harmonyness, the idea of human self developed harmonious with nature and society. The emblem color also fully embodies the main ideas of the Beijing Olympic Games : Red indicates the "Red China" endowed with thick Chinese features, embodies the idea of "People's Olympics"; Deep blue represents high-tech, embodies the idea of "Hi-tech Olympics"; Green on behalf of the environment, embodies the idea of "Green Olympics".

Finished Remarks:

The Emblem of Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games use Chinese Words "Heaven, Earth and Human" as its graphic pattern, the emblem of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games use a seal of "China Print - Dancing Beijing" as its graphic design, "Chinese Word" and "Chinese Seal" both are typical traditional Chinese culture elements, which full of China's civilization features, both echoed in ideas and art styles. The two emblems benefit by associating together and shine by reflecting each other, concentrate on display the idea of "Humanistic Olympics", so have profound meanings and strong expressive force.

From the birth of the mascot "Fu Cow Lele"of the 13th Paralympic Games to the sports icons of Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games, continue to 2008 Beijing Paralympics' flame firing ceremony put across successfully, we together have traversed a long road, let us wish the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games make a wonderful success same as the Beijing Olympic Games.

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